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We sell brands of caps such as New Era, Mitchell & Ness, Cayler & Sons, Flexfit, Djinn's, Von Dutch, 47 Brand, Atlantis, Reell, Starter, Lacoste and many others.

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    New Era Caps

    Ehrhardt Koch revolutionized the caps in 1920 founding a family company called “New Era Cap Co,”.

    In 1920, he founded the “E. Koch Cap Company” thanks to a $1.000 borrowed money from his sister. Later, with the new name “New Era Cap Co.”, he started manufacturing 60.000 Gatsby hats. He saw an opportunity to redesign the process and the quality of fashion headwears.
    In 1932, his son Harold joined the Company and thanks to his economic vision and his environment knowledge he realized that a change was needed. Manufacturing baseball caps instead of so much Gatsby hats was the best way to carry on its growth. Baseball became more popular and they needed to take advantage on this.

    In the 40s they began making adjustable caps with elastic reinforcements.

    In 1950, New Era was the only one that made caps for the greatests baseball leagues. In 1953 E. Koch died but nowadays his ideals are still alive. Few years later was created the 59FIFTY model that in 60s were produced exclusively in a new Factory in Derby, New York.

    In 1961, New Era was invited to the event Winter Baseball Meetings where they could sell to the Major and Minor League teams, directly.

    In 1972 Harold was promoted to executive director and his son, David Koch, was promoted to president after his 14 years in the company. In 1974 almost every MLB team had a deal with New Era.

    David Koch’s visión let them grow constantly throughout the years in the 80s. The company was producing headwear for college sports, International Baseball Leagues, tennis and golf increased their demand, as well as military orders. They started selling caps to sports fans, too.
    In 1993 New Era became the exclusive supplier of MLB caps.

    At the beginning of the 20th century they continued their globalization and opened their first offices in Europe, Japan and Australia.
    Recently, NFL and New Era have re-associated and have obtained the exclusive rights to make their hats and caps.

    In Top Hats Shop we have many collections of caps of the brand New Era Cap type 9forty, 39fory, 9fifty, 59fifty, grid trucker MLB, NBA, Racing, NFL.


    Mitchell & Ness Caps

    It was founded in 1904 in Philadelphia by Franck Mitchell and Charles Ness. Firstly they specialized in stringing tennis racquets, constructing custom-made golf clubs and making uniforms for local Philadelphia baseball and football teams.

    In 1925, they started designing and manufacturing uniforms for the high school, college and semi pro teams in Philly and surroundings.

    In 1933, the Mitchell & Ness label apperaed in the NFL through the Philadelphia Eagles uniform until 1963. In 1938, the brand began in professional baseball producing uniforms for the Philadelphia Athletics and Phillies few years later.

    In 1985, a customer request made them change their mind going ahead on a new direction. He wanted to repair his baseballs jerseys: Pittsburgh Pirates (1960) and St.Louis Browns (1949). This sparked a new idea raising higher the company: manufacture authentic sportswear specializing in vintage baseball jerseys. Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. was born with this idea.

    On July 6th, 1987, one of the best american sports dailys, Sports Illustrated, published an article called “Baseball Flannels are Hot”. It talked about how great was the Mitchell & Ness raise and their growing popularity of sportswear.

    In 1988, M&N adquired the exclusive rights to make player number jerseys in the MLB (Major League Baseball).

    In 2005, M&N adquired its most recent license, the CLC college Vault label and a year later they adquired the exclusive rights to reproduce the Authentic Michael J. Jordan Jerseys, too.

    By 2007 they started manufacturing headwears for the greatest leagues in the US.

    Nowadays Mitchell & Ness offers different product lines like authentic vintage jerseys, sportswear and other collections for the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, and MLS.

    We sell all models of caps of the Brand Mitchell & Ness. We are specially fan of their teams and caps. Buy any model of cap of Mitchell of Ness that you want.


    Cayler & Sons Caps

    In Top Hats we have the best snapback caps and curves of Cayler & Sons. Renowned brand that has risen in just five years to the podium of the best-selling caps brands in the world.


    Atlantis Caps

    In Top Hats Shop we have all the models of Atlantis caps. The best offers of this excellence italian brand will not leave you indifferent at all. Watch the atlantis top models of caps in this section.


    Top Hats Caps

    Top Hats is a spanish brand that sells all kind of caps. Snapback, trucker and baseball caps. We make embroidery service in caps and complements.


    Von Dutch Caps

    All Von Dutch caps snapback and curves are at Top Hats Shop. Online motorcycle caps for adult sizes, adjustable at the back, of any colour you want.


    Flexfit Caps

    Flexfit is the US sales and distribution agency of Yupoong INC. It is one of the world's largest suppliers of custom clothing. We manufacture caps for some of the most recognized brands in sports, streetwear, action sports, golf and outdoor markets, while also offering a wide selection of the finest oversized hats.


    Djinn's Caps

    DJINN'S is a German brand of shoes and caps founded in 2001, from de Muelheim and Ruhr. It all started with a handmade edition, never made before in Europe at that time. Since then it has been much updated in progress. The label itself represents the manufacture of high quality, with selected fabrics, unique color combinations, focused on detail.


    Goorin Bros Caps

    All trucker caps of animal patches on Goorin Bros are at Top Hats Shop. The most wanted collection of trucker Goorin Bros caps are here to make you happy.

  • 47 Brand

    47 Brand Caps

    47 Brand is an American clothing brand founded in 1947 by two Italian brothers. In Top Hats we have all 47 Brand mlb baseball caps, football and more.


    Starter Caps

    Starter is a US sportswear manufacturer. It focuses on the accessories jackets and sports caps of the Major League Tems. Current Starter licenses include MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA teams.


    Lacoste Caps

    In Top Hats we have almost all the caps of the Lacoste website. Buy your adjustable Lacoste cap, elegant colors, curved or flat visor for adult size.


    Reell Caps

    Reell is a German clothing brand and has most of the flat visor snapbacks that are in the Top Hats Shop. Reell is a brand associated with professional skateboarders who use skateboards.


    Coastal Caps

    Caps brand that dedicates all designs to surf. They work mainly with trucker cap and mix an ethyl surf with some regions of the continent of armérica in general but always coastal zone like California, Hawaii, Sao Paulo, etc. They have a very summery, refreshing and striking style.


    Santa Cruz Caps

    All models of skateboarding caps brand. We are constantly moving all new Santa Cruz caps. Every year we have the models for women and man of Santa Cruz skate brand. Take a look in Santa Cruz caps section.


    Independent Caps

    Top Hats Shop sells any model of Independent brand. If you are sarching for skater caps of Independent brand you are in the right section. All the promotions of Independent caps for skateboard are in Top Hats Shop.


    Supra Caps

    In 2006 SUPRA brand of Los Angeles created shoes for new skaters. In 2007 Chad Muska designed "Skytop". SUPRA has continued to launch shoes such as Muska, Ellington, Jim Greco, Tom Penny, Stevie Williams, Terry Kennedy and Lizard King. SUPRA began to fuse the lifestyle and the world of skateboarding in a way that no one had tried. SUPRA launched collaborations with Jay-Z, producer / DJ Steve Aoki, and hip hop artist Lil Wayne, designing for the Williams footwear model, the "S1W". In 2012, SUPRA launched a book of 2,000 Supra bambas. Acquired by KSGB In 2016, SUPRA Footwear focused on restoring the brand as a leader in the skate and shoe markets, taking advantage of music, art, skate and fashion. In 2016, SUPRA celebrated its tenth year in Tokyo. Ten years after its creation, SUPRA now has six stores; 3 in Mexico and 3 in Tokyo, Japan.


    Good For Nothing T-shirts

    Good For Nothing T-Shirts from England. A Top Trending brand with young and original street style. Good For Nothing t-shirts are adult size for men.

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