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Get the caps of one of the best teams in the world and the history of football, the Football Club Barcelona. A great variety of cap designs; caps with the names and autographs of Messi or Suarez, name of the club or the year of its foundation. Many different designs to make Barca caps unique caps. ...


The Football Club Barcelona (or Barça) was founded in 1899, being one of the few clubs in history in which the ownership of the club rests with the members. Real Madrid, Athletic Club and Club Atlético Osasuna are the other three teams. It was founded by the Swiss Hans Gamper with twelve football fans, naming one of the football fans (Walter Wild) as the first president of the club to be the oldest person among them.

In 1910 he won two Spanish Cups and three Pyrenean Cups and with 3000 members he became one of the most popular societies. In these first years they played in the Industry Street of Barcelona. It began to popularize the nickname "culés" to Barça fans because when sitting in galleries made of wood, the image from the street was that of many butts (asses). From here appeared the nickname "culés".

In 1914 the club created its first sports section, athletics.

In the 20s, it went from 3,000 to 12,000 members and in 1922 the first great stadium of the club was released: the Camp de Les Corts with a capacity for 30,000 spectators. At that time they won four Spanish Cups and the first Spanish League in history (in 1929). In 1925 the dictator Primo de Rivera closed the stadium for six months and forced Hans Gamper to resign for the whistles of the Barcelona fans to the Royal March (national anthem).

The grass hockey, basketball and rugby sections were created.


The great crisis of the club came in the 30s. The decade began with the suicide of founder Hans Gamper after the economic crisis of 1929, in the 1933/34 season the team was penultimate, avoiding the last place and thus the decline. Later with the Second Republic, the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936) and the shooting of the president of Barça (Josep Suñol, politician of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya) for his independence ideals the club ended the decade with only 2500 members.

In the 40s, Barça was named as an anti-Franco symbol in Catalonia and it was said that Barça was "more than a club", an expression pronounced by President Narcís de Carreras in his inauguration in 1968.

Until 1953 the Franco regime was appointing the president of the club, suppressing any connotation in both Catalan and Anglo-Saxon.


The 50s had in a player called Ladislao Kubala the radical change of Barça that turned that decade into one of the best in the club conquering 3 Spanish Leagues 5 Cups of the Generalissimo and 11 more titles among which are 4 Eva Duarte Cups (the current Spanish Super Cup ). The number of members grew rapidly to 38,000, leaving Les Corts field small and having to build a new stadium: Camp Nou. In 1953 the first democratic elections of the club were celebrated and the transfer of Alfredo Di Stefano also happened, who was going to play for Barça but the dictatorship made him play for Real Madrid.

In the 1970s the number of partners reached 80,000. Spanish football opened the doors to foreign players and it was when they arrived: Johan Cruyff, Johan Neeskens, Hugo Sotil, Hansi Krankl and Allan Simonsen. At the end of the decade Jose Luis Nuñez came to the presidency to stay for two decades.


In the 80s players like Maradona, Schuster or Lineker were signed but still only one league, three King's Cups, one Super Cup, two League Cups and two Cups were won, losing again in the final of the European Cup in front of the Steaua of Bucharest in 1986.

The 90s brought huge successes for the club. With Cruyff as coach and players such as Koeman, Guardiola, Laudrup, Bakero, Stoichkov and Romário, four consecutive Leagues were won, one Cup, three Spanish Super Cups, one European Cup Winners Cup and one European Super Cup. In 1992, the European Cup was won for the first time in history at Wembley Stadium against Sampdoria with a direct free goal by Koeman in extra time. The quality of the squad and its style of play made that team known as the "Dream Team" of football. In the late 1990s President Nuñez undid Barça and fired Cruyff in favor of Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal.

The football team of the Soccer Club Barcelona consolidated worldwide reaching four finals of the European Cup but without winning any of them.


Nuñez resigned from Barcelona and Gaspart relieved him during the 3 years he held office without any football success. Laporta relieved the position at Barça and was responsible for renewing the club from top to bottom. Under his mandate and with Frank Rijkaard as coach, that same season 2003/04 they signed Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto'o, Márquez and gave the debut of Lionel Messi, the best player in football history. In 2008, after two years without titles Rijkaard was fired.


After Rijkaard, Pep Guardiola until then coach of the subsidiary, took over the team. He made debut in the first team to unknown players such as Pedrito and Sergio Busquets who have been the living history of the Football Club Barcelona. In his first season he managed to win the triplet (Cup, League and Champions), being the first and only Spanish team to achieve it. They won the final with seven youth players playing as starters. After the triplet came the sextete of the year 2009, achieved for the first time in the history of football (Cup, League, Champions, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and Club World Cup). Guardiola left Barça in 2012 with 14/18 titles.

After his departure and his replacement by Tito Vilanova in 2012 the instability of the club began. The relapse of the cancer suffered by the then coach of Barça kept him away from the team and the following year he was replaced by Gerardo "el Tata" Martino. In 2014 the Tata left and instead Luis Enrique arrived to bring the successes back to the Barcelona Football Club: in his first season he achieved another triplet, just like Pep Guardiola and between them they got a total of 4 Champions Leagues (Champions ). Lucho, on the other hand, did not get the sextet in 2015 by losing the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic Club Bilbao.


After the withdrawals of Xavi and Iniesta and the late march of Neymar Jr. to PSG Ernesto Valverde had a complicated role in his first year in office (2017/18). The victories in both the League and the Cup were counted year after year, as were the failures in the Champions League, disappointing in each of its seasons..

After learning about the history of the Football Club Barcelona (Barça), the best club of the last 10 years, it becomes even more essential to wear a cap of a team that represents so much. You can find the best Barça caps in their stores or in Top Hats, taking advantage of the large number of hat models that exist on the web.

Presently this season is Quique Setién.

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