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12 Winter Caps for Men

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In this week`s post we`re going to talk about winter caps for men. Yes, caps, not hats, not beanies, because caps aren`t just for summer.

The temperatures already begun to drop so we start switching to winter wardrobes: jerseys, jackets, thick scarfs, etc. We tend to forget the head accessories until is too cold outside. That`s why we think it`s the perfect moment to start looking for one.

If you don`t want a boring beanie for this winter we suggest to keep reading.

We selected items from three international top brands of caps: Goorin Bros, New Era and Von Dutch. You`ll see below a wide variety of winter caps that not only will guarantee you warmth, but also style.

1.      Von Dutch

This Brand stands out for its iconic designs, its unique patches and for the heavy story it has behind. Kenneth Howard (Von Dutch) is basically the creator of the movement Kustom Kulture. Their designs have some strong American influences.

The models we recommend here are made entirely from winter fabrics in order to provide warmth and comfort.

Von Dutch winter hatVon Dutch men cap

1.      Goorin Bros

Even if this brand has a long history behind and a wide variety of hats, it gained a lot of visibility once celebrities as Messi or Neymar were seen with their caps with patches. And yes, the patches are the key of the uniqueness of Goorin`s caps. The diversity of the patches and the high-standard fabrics and finishes guarantee that buying a Goorin is always a good decision.

The items we recommend next have the frontal panel made from winter fabrics and the back panels made from rear grille. These caps are ideal for the those of you who live in regions with soft winter temperatures.

Goorin Bros winter hatGoorin Bros men winter cap

3.      New Era

We know for sure that, after 100 years of experience of producing caps, New Era is not making any compromise when it comes to quality. Having licenses to produce caps for NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, Football teams, Racing, etc. says all about the place they gained in this industry.

The wide diversity of New Era caps makes it possible for those of you passionate about sports, cartoons, movies, etc. to find a cool cap for winter that adapts to your personal style. Next you have our suggestions.

New Era winter hatLA Dodgers men cap


There you have it. This are some of our suggestions of stylish winter caps for men. Of course, all of them are available for purchase.

Hope you find this post helpful. If so, share it.

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See you next week,

Top Hats Team

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