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After the prediction of the Eastern Conference (from the previous publication) we proceed to analyze what will happen in the Wildest Conference of the NBA, the Western Conference (Wild Wild West).

Dallas Mavericks- Dennis Smith Jr., Doncic (# 3), Barnes, Nowitzki and Jordan will form a quality quintet and very balanced, with Barea and Wesley Matthews contributing from the bench. The additions of a possible rookie of the year as Doncic and the dominant center Jordan allow the team to fight for Playoffs in the more complicated Western Conference. Prediction: # 8- Eliminated in 1st Round.

Denver Nuggets- The revelation. A strong and interpenetrating quintet with Harris, Murray, Barton, Millsap and Jokic along with the small but thug Isaiah Thomas (candidate for MVP in 2016/17) and one of the possible rookie of the year and draft robbery (Michael Porter Jr.) coming from the bench, they can put any team in trouble. Prediction: # 4- Eliminated in 1st Round.

Golden State Warriors- Favorites to the ring without a doubt. After incorporating the best pivot in the world for the minimum (because he arrives injured from the heel of Achilles and is not expected until February) his quintet is considered the best of all time. If he recovers well from the injury and the healthy starter quintet arrives at the Playoffs, the rest will have nothing to do to beat them. They lack quality on the bench with what can be long waiting for the recovery of Cousins. Prediction: # 2- NBA Champions.

Houston Rockets - Hard competition to snatch the ring from the Warriors. If Carmelo Anthony takes on his role and understands well with CP3, Harden and Capela, they can form a team capable of putting the best Warriors on the ropes. Rockets and Celtics will be the biggest rivals of the current champions. Prediction: # 1- Conference Finals.

Los Angeles Clippers - Complete team, although in need of an attack leader. Beverly and Bradley will form the best outside defensive duo in the league, but their score can not depend only on Tobias Harris, Gallinari and Lou Williams to qualify for the Western Playoffs. Prediction: # 10.

Los Angeles Lakers- With the arrival of LeBron and the Bad Boys of the present (Rondo, Stephenson, Beasley and McGee), Los Angeles becomes dyed again in gold and purple. After its years of reconstruction, with the arrival of the King and the young talents that have to explode, you can form a very interesting chemistry and, above all, a great team for the future. Any team with LeBron in their ranks will surely enter the Playoffs. Prediction: # 7- Eliminated in 1st Round.

Memphis Grizzlies- Competitive team with an interesting inner duo with Marc Gasol and the rookie Jaren Jackson Jr, led by Conley and seconded by Parsons who, if left childish, can provide what was expected of him in his incorporation two seasons ago. Prediction: # 13.

Minnesota Timberwolves- An unknown. The future of Jimmy Butler will mark the fate of the Timberwolves this season and the future. Its bad relation with staff and players and the great assets that Tom Thibodeau asks for his transfer, do that still continue in the franchise, having both parties dissatisfied. Player we remember ends contract this year. On the other hand, Towns and Wiggins seem to have to give their best (waiting for what happens with Butler) to fight to enter the Playoffs. Prediction: # 11.

New Orleans Pelicans- The March of Cousins ​​and Rondo has severely damaged the franchise. Davis and Jrue Holiday are alone in a team that relies on the instant growth of Mirotic and Randle to do something interesting this season. Despite not having such a bad template, they have no place in the high places of the Western Conference. Prediction: # 12.

Oklahoma City Thunder- One more season in high positions with a good team, but not enough to break the schemes. Westbrook, George and Adams will have full responsibility with a Schröder who will have to be the captain of the second unit. The return of Oscar Roberson will be a great asset to shore up the defense of the team. Prediction: # 5- Conference Semifinals.

Phoenix Suns- They begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the reconstruction. With the election of Ayton (# 1) of the last draft, one of the favorites to rookie of the year, his binomial with Booker can give hope to the Arizona franchise with a better future. To this duo, also add Josh Jackson (# 4 last year) and the additions of Ryan Anderson and Ariza to provide experience for the development of young promises. It seems that it will be the last year of transition towards a better future. Prediction: # 14.

Portland Trail Blazers- Year after year with the same block, without major changes, which will surely lead to the same results: Fight hard to enter the Playoffs. The sports management does not seem willing to take any risk to try to do important things, but to enter the Playoffs is enough, or that is what they transmit with their movements. Prediction: # 9.

Sacramento Kings- The worst team in the West without a doubt. The development of Fox and Bagley III (# 2) are the only incentives for fans of the Kings. Prediction: # 15.

San Antonio Spurs - The summer soap opera ended with Kawhi Leonard in Toronto with Green in exchange for DeRozan, player who joins the ranks of Popovich. A team that year after year is weakened by losing pieces of that champion team. This season they face it without Parker (Hornets), Ginobili (retired) or Leonard (Raptors). To these complications, add the injury for the entire season of ambitious Murray that last season was already starting ahead of Parker. Many setbacks but with a factor in favor: Gregg Popovich, the best coach of the last decades. Prediction: # 6- Eliminated in 1st Round.

Utah Jazz- The successors of the Popovich Spurs? Team that stands out for its great choral game and that, with a 2nd year player as its standard along with the defender of the year Gobert, will face the season with much optimism. They have kept the youth block and have incorporated a player that can be very important for the team of Quin Snyder: Grayson Allen (# 21). Prodigious physicist with a good outside shot and sacrifice capacity. The ideal ingredients to be a major player in the franchise. Prediction: # 3- Conference Semifinals.