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Elegant caps, perfect for Music Festivals

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Hip hop and alternative music festivals are becoming more and more frequent events and get massive audiences that fill venues.

Although the summer and the big events are over, in autumn we can attend very interesting Alternative Music Festivals, in many parts of the world.

Do you still have a few days of vacation and do not know what to do? Well, if you can get away for a few days during the month of October, we suggest you to take your cap and a good backpack, and give yourself the pleasure of attending one of the incredible alternative music festivals that are held in some parts of the world.

The concerts fill up, and the artists are still there where the public requires them.

If you decide to enjoy a good music festival, you should inform ahead about the security measures and the most suitable accommodations for your needs and budget.

Our selection of Festivals

So that you can choose better, here are 5 Hip Hop, Reagge or Techno music festivals that may interest you:

- Fort Festival 2021 France, during October 6, 7 and 8, will feature Dj's and singers of electronic and Techno music such as Project08 or Cristian Löffler.

The best thing is that it will be located in the Bellegarde Fortress, in the eastern part of the Pyrenees. According to the organizers, it will be free of restrictions.

The site, which has been declared a historical heritage site, is located in an isolated area of stunning natural beauty.

Although it belongs to France, you can stay in the Spanish town La Junquera Girona, and enjoy the leisure offered by this small border town.

- In Miami we have DJ Alamo Saturdays Festival, where on October 2 acts this DJ with Hip Hop music, Reagge and R & B and on October 9 The Ultimate Reggae vs Soca with DJ Big Reef and Kevin Crown among others.

If you dare to travel to Miami, do not miss the Graffiti Museum in Miami Beach, it is really spectacular!

- Australia organizes Promiseland Festival of alternative music and Hip Hop. At the Doug Jennings Park venue on the west coast. With Katchafire, Drax Project and more.

It is held in the city of Gold Coast. A coastal city where you can enjoy many outdoor activities and taking advantage of the good temperatures they have at this time of year.

- Amnesia Ibiza Paradise 2021 with electronic and techno music until October 6th. Although tickets are already sold out, you can join the waiting list at Festicket. 

This year, Jamie Jones celebrates 10 years in this Festival. And if you don't know the island of Ibiza, you can enjoy its incredible sunsets in one of its coves.

- Reggae Rise Up Las Vegas 2021, until October 10, with Slightly Stoopid and Dirty Heads is a Festival. In addition to music, you can enjoy the market, activities and good atmosphere. 

Yes, I'm sure you're thinking of visiting one of the amazing Casinos, but don't miss the Neon Museum either, it's a place to have a lot of fun!

Night Caps: SuperCool    

Music is part of our lifestyle. Enjoy it anywhere, but always with the style that defines you.

A special cap will make the night that much more intense. Rapper caps, hip hop caps or simple dress caps are special caps that define your unique and authentic style

If you are preparing your luggage, I remind you that we have caps with exclusive designs that will be a complement to make a difference.

So enter here and renew your image for such a special event.

See you next week!

Top Hats Team

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