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Embroidery designs you are going to love

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This week is all about embroidery. We`re going to show you our favorite machine embroidery designs and also, we are going to reveal some good tips for those of you who are looking for a new hobby during the winter – the hand embroidery.

First of all, as we already mentioned in an anterior post here, we all know that the embroidery has made its way into the XXI century as one of the most ancient and versatile practice of adorning garments. Secondly, we also know that that are multiple types embroideries and each one covers different needs.

Today we are going to show you a selection of our simple yet modern and cool embroidery designs. The selection we`ve made here is based on the ones we`ve made available on our Customization section so if you like one of them feel free to use it on any of our caps.

embroidery heart

The heart shape is maybe one of the most common design ever used worldwide. Is usually seen as a girlish pattern. It may convert a clothing item into the perfect gift for you daughter, sister, girlfriend. We love it because its versatile and never goes out of fashion.

embroidery music instruments

The musical symbols and instruments designs embroidered on certain accessories will be definitely a pleasant surprise for any singer or instrumentalist. We have a wide variety of instrument designs that in a short time will be made available on our page too.

dance design embroidery

The passionate for dance not only that will like the embroidery design but will absolutely love an embroidered cap. It is a common and useful accessory for them.

Skate design embroidery

The skaters and the snapback caps are basically inseparables. A unique design as the ones we recommend here will definitely give a cool vibe to any cap, hoodie, T-shirt or facemask.

Embroidered text

Let`s not forget the text format of the embroidery. Gives uncounted possibilities, is versatile and it can have any size, any font and any color. The content its up on you.

This embroidery designs can convert any article into an original gift or surprise for your close ones; can add style to you own clothes and, why not, can be the start point of a new trend as it was in the case of the famous Goorin Bros caps with animal patches.

But what if you are looking for a new hobby? Well hand embroidery may be what you are looking for if you`re creative and have a lot of patience.

To start you will need embroidery hoops, colored embroidery threads, water-soluble pens, pins, tape measure, sewing pins, embroidery needles, cross stitch threading tools, thimble, scissors, etc.

If it was difficult to keep up with this list? Don`t worry, here you find plenty complete embroidery kits so you don`t have to buy each item separately. They are pretty affordable also. Once you have all you need the next step is learning embroidery techniques.

Therefore, you may also want to look for a beginner embroidery book. We recommend an Illustrated guide on learning embroidery step-by-step.

Once you have it all you`ll need some inspiration and lots of patience. For getting inspiration for your first patterns go to Pinterest.

Remember, the embroidery may be the solution when looking for a hobby, for an original gift or for a cool customized accessory for you.

Hope you find this information useful. If so, don`t hesitate to share it.

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See you next week,

Top Hats Team





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