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Fashion Trends Fall 2020

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Every year, by this time we`re stuck on the same curiosity: what`s the fashion tendency this fall? This week we`ll try to focus on the coming up trends that works both for man and woman.

The fall-winter fashion trends we follow were made known at the beginning of this year because that`s how fashion works; releases trends far before the actual season comes in.  You may be wondering if in these crazy times is there any point in following the fashion trends, if anybody cares about them and if they really reflect our practical and emotional needs. Well, yes. 

This year the big fashion trends want to reflect stability through getting their inspiration from history and nature. In a year marked by uncertainties and continue adaptation what we need is the opposite and while looking for reassurance and calmness we tend to go either back in time, either in nature.

The fashion brands make references to past times because we naturally perceive them with idealism, we see the past less turbulent than the present and that gives us a certain feeling of being in control of things; that can no longer interfere in present events.  What stands out as historical inspired fashion trends are the corsets, the high collars and the voluminous sleeves.

The color palette of this year trends is made of natural colors and all their nuances: black, white and earthy colors like beige, brown, brick color, burgundy, very harmonious for the eye. The designs with these colors vary between plain solid colors and patterns, although the solid colors seem to be preferred this season. The nature trend is rather complementary than contradictory, with the historic one, they seem to go very well together.

The third fashion trend of this season is the pragmatic functionality of the clothes and accessories. Even if on the podium we were used to see designs that don`t have much to do with the ready-to-wear clothes this year the high fashion brands like Chanel, Stella McCartney or Bottega Veneta gone for zippers, pockets, practical designs and minimalism that can be easily adapted to street fashion style.

To get things right, all these trends combined with actual fashion items and accessories, adorned with high quality, handmade embroidery or feathers obtain an interesting effect of retro-modern style that can be easily adapted to everyone`s wardrobe.

If you want to stay in trends but you don`t feel like these season`s fashion lines go well with your personal style or clothes, choose only what suits you from what we`ve mentioned above. Keep in mind some of the colors mentioned here that you already have in your closet or use those items from your wardrobe that seem trendy this fall.

And remember is not called fashion crime if you don`t fit into these trends, is called personal style.

We`ll also link some of our caps and hats that are cool, pragmatic and with retro vibes; they can easily fit into this fall`s trends.

See you next week,

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