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Hats & Clothes. Poor vs. Good quality

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How to distinguish between poor- and high-quality clothes and caps


During the years we`ve been constantly seen the fake-original controversy when it comes to caps and hats. And because it`s a whole industry of replicas and fake clothes and accessories, some of them so similar to the original ones, we thought it will be better to make a short list of hints to help you distinguish between poor- and high-quality products.

The wide majority of this type of content presents the comparison of the two products in such a way that for the usual buyer it will be basically impossible to realize if is holding in his hands a fake version of the product he`s looking for; the details of the logo, the number on the stitching lines, how wide the logo should be, what colors the brand tag must have, etc. No need to become a quality expert, just have in mind our tips next time you go shopping.

1.      Sewing quality

When it comes to sewing and stitching you must pay attention both of the exterior and the interior of the product. The sewing must be clean, the thread must lie down on the fabric and is even better if the interior seem is covered with a bit of fabric; this way it will stay in place for ever and it won`t be itching. It`s a detail to look for both on clothes and caps. The big brands are even using the extra fabric that covers the interior stitching as an extra brand mark. The low-quality products not only that don`t cover the interior stitching but often have bulky thread and asymmetrical seams.

2.      Prints and Embroidery

If you like a printed version of an item look carefully if there is any deficiency that the producer tries to hide with the print, like for example the quality of the garment or if it is made of different pieces sewed together.

While for embroidery, it is important to take a close look to the positioning and to the details of the embroidery both when looking for clothes and caps. The replicas tend to simplify the embroidery design and to have visible errors when it comes to patches.

3.      Colors

This color seem to be one of the most common issue when buying low-quality and fake items. If the clothes with strong colors seem to stain only by touching them, or on their tag is specifically required to not wash them whatsoever, is better to avoid them. In low-quality products the colors fade away really quickly and/or when washing them some colors blend and ruin pattern`s other colors. When it comes to caps it`s better to choose a good quality one since there`s no pleasure in having your hat`s color on your forehead or to have its colors vanished in one sunny week.

Of course, we can add to these tips, the shape and fit of the caps and hats. A good cap always has quality fabrics, strengthened front panels, symmetric seams and perfect embroidered details.

Last but not least, the price. This is important when we tend to buy cheap brand products out of their sale campaigns. The bigger the gap between the brand and the price the more elevated probability to be a replicated item.

There you have our hints to distinguish between good and poor-quality products and, why not, between originals and replicas. Next time you do your shopping, online or offline have them in mind.

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