History of Von Dutch

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A brief brushstroke of the Von Dutch brand

The American multinational clothing brand was founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, California and is named after Kenneth Howard (nicknamed Von Dutch), a legend of American culture remembered as the godfather of Modern Stripes Day and the creator of the movement. Kustom Kulture.

At the age of 15 he began to work as a mechanic in a motorcycle workshop painting and drawing thematic drawings: death. Sometimes he would take a motorcycle home to tune it, leaving it in such a way that the owner was always surprised by his designs, being such a young boy.

Von Dutch was a humble and poor person that the only clothes that he had were the ones that he was wearing and all with holes or worn and that he simply did individual works of art wanting to maintain the integrity of his art, of his ability to personalize them.

All the drawings that he added to his designs had a special significance.

The most special was the "flying eye". It was an inspiration from the Macedonian and Egyptian cultures of approximately 5,000 years ago. An image that wanted to convey "the eye of heaven knows everything and sees everything". He ended up modifying the design to make it what it is today. His belief in reincarnation led him to symbolize with the drawing that "all past lives are watching what you do in the present."

Kenneth Howar creator of Von Dutch brand at top hats blog spain

In all the Von Dutch cap models we see representations of the life of this American legend: the eye that sees everything, worn caps representing his day to day with leaky pants, motorcycles and the world of racing, his birthplace and drawings representing death.

Von Dutch caps have an original and attractive touch that makes them a highly valued brand in the world for their wide variety of designs, color and textures games and historical representations of the life of Mr. Von Dutch.

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