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How to Clean your Cap or Hat

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Now, that you already know how to choose a qualitative hat or cap, after the last week talk, it`s time to find out how to take care and clean your favorite cap. We all have been in that point where we hesitate to clean our favorite cap being afraid of ruing its shape or colors.

That`s why our small talk this week will be dedicated to DIY ways of cleaning different types of caps and hats.

First of all, let`s differentiate between caps and hats since they need different cleaning procedures.


Let`s start with the caps. This head accessories came in different shapes and are made of different fabrics. Therefore, we have the snapback caps, the trucker and curved ones, caps that are stretch fit of caps that are adjustable, flat caps, dad caps, berretta, etc. What they all have in common is the reinforced visor. The visor, the reinforced front panels and the fabric of some of these caps make them incompatible with the washing machine. They all need hand washing.

All you need is a soft brush, delicate soap or shampoo and a towel.

First of all, use warm water (not hot, not cold!) to moisten all the superficies of the cap.

Next, dip the brush into the cleaning shampoo and proceed to rubbing the cap with soft circular motions both on the exterior as on the interior of the cap. You may want to insist on the inner fabric that touches your forehead since is the part that gets dirty the fastest. 

Once you`re satisfied with the cleaning, rinse out all the soap/shampoo. This part of the process is very important since if you don`t eliminate all the shampoo residue, once the cap is totally dry you`ll have white marks left all over your cap; then you`ll have to repeat the rinsing process all over again.

The final part and the most important is the drying. We need to keep the initial shape of the cap, then we`ll use either a cap support, or a towel circular folded. The towel must go inside the cap in order to suck all the extra water and to hold the round shape of the cap avoiding as much creases as possible.

Once dried out completely, your cap is, again, ready to wear.


The hats, instead, are less complicated. We differentiate between beanies, beanies with double margin, winter hats, short or large beanies, etc. Most of them are made for washing machine with 30 degrees the washing temperature.

The beanies made from wool or other natural fabrics that suffer drastic shrinking through the washing machine, need a special attention. Always use warm to cold water when hand washing them, delicate soap and let them dry out naturally; never use the cloth dryer since, due to the hot temperatures they can lose up to two sizes.

There you have it. From now on, you don`t have to worry about losing your favorite cap after a washing session.

Don`t forget to have a look at our latest new entry of caps and hats; also remember that through embroidery we can even customize your favorite clothes and accessories.

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