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New Era. 100 years of experience

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As you already know us, we love to work with high-quality caps brands. One of our top brands in Top Hats is New Era. This year it may have been for most of us a difficult one, with a lot of challenges, but for New Era 2020 means its 100th anniversary. And we have to admit it, not any cap brand can afford relying on 100 years of experience.

Therefore, this week we dedicate it to New Era.

As we all know the history of New Era (and if you don`t know it we recommend a short check on one of our previous post about New Era) we are going to talk more about the present and the future of this Brand.

First of all, we all know that New Era is for caps like Coca Cola is for drinks. Its logo in internationally known and its iconic 59fifty cap was one of the best sellers of all times when comes to head accessories. New Era produced caps for almost all Major League Baseball Teams, for teams from NBA, National Football League, Canadian Football League, Manchester United, etc. It is the caps brand with the most licenses of producing official caps. Therefore, it has a well-deserved place in the top of the best cap brands.

Secondly, we know for sure that their longevity is due to their capacity of reinventing themselves continuously. They are constantly hiring young creatives and they pay a lot of attention to their staff`s excitement, they perfect their producing techniques and, most of all, they are connected with everything is actual.  That`s why they are the most requested caps brand for collaborations with influencers, Instagram-ers and musicians.

Thirdly, they never play by the rules when it comes to fashion. They prefer setting trends, more than following them. They know how keep a balance between the classic models and the new collections. Talking about the classic models, one of them is the Yankees cap. Is one of the best sellers in North America even though not all the buyers know the logo is of a baseball team. Most of them believe the logo represents the New York city. Even though, the mix of good classic caps and the latest, creative designs allowed them to adapt to all ages, all tastes, internationally.

All in all, their secrets are: reinvention, connection with present times and a clear vision for the future. If you want to know more about New Era here you have a link to their story.

Congratulations New Era. Not any caps brand can get to celebrate its 100 years anniversary!

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We meet again next week,

Top Hats Team




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