Three Types of professional Embroidery

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3 of the most popular embroidery types 

Our experience taught us that embroidery is a very versatile practice and that it adapts to every need, be it artistic or technical. But, in both cases, embroidery exceeds its visual characteristic, it becomes a memory, an expression of our beliefs, of our identity, our style, it becomes our brand, so that in the end we can even consider it an alternative tool of communication.

How many times have we not entered an embroidered clothing or accessories store and when choosing the one we like the most, we have experienced mixed feelings towards some and pleasure towards others?

As we said in last week's post, the design, the colors, the type of stitching, the color of the fabric, the positioning… they all shape the final effect of an embroidery.

Today we are going to talk about three of the most popular embroidery types and what make them special and different at the same time.

1. Text embroidery

It is the most requested, the most common and the easiest to do, but when choosing the text, the font, the color or the type of embroidery, the positioning can be difficult to decide among so many variations of the same text. Are excepted the school / work gowns where usually a standard embroidery-text (usually the name or initials) is the only option.

Those looking for traditional text designs go for names, numbers or text structures that are short-term fashionable, they go for colors that contrast with the background, legible fonts and standard positioning.

Those looking for original text designs have their own slogans, choose colors that better fit the message than the background, modern letters and unusual positioning.

There is also a mixed category that combines the two options and the results have a retro-modern effect.

This type of embroidery offers a multitude of gifts ideas for all ages: baby clothes, children's t-shirts, caps of all kinds, aprons ... indeed everything.

personalized gift

2. Embroidering designs

The difficulty of embroidering a design depends on the size and the colors that compose it. Then you have to distinguish between common / classic designs and unique / personal designs. Each one goes through a different process before reaching the needle.

For common designs (hearts, crowns, stars, flowers, emojis, caravels, etc.), the color palette is adapted to the accompanying text and the background color, the size and type of stitches are adapted depending on the desired effect and positioning.

Unique designs must first go through a transformation process to an embroidery template. Once done, the embroidery will be available only for designer who can adapt the size of his template and can customize practically any piece of fabric. Those in the world of rap, hip-hop, graffiti artists, skateboarders, cyclists are communities where originality, name and signature are part of their life philosophies. In these cases, the embroidery is no longer just decorative, it begins to define individual or group identities.

At the same time, this type of embroidery can be the artistic materialization on fabric of some broad designs that already exist in other formats. It is still a good gift idea if we put them on suitable clothes / accessories.

embroidery on clothes

3. Logo embroidery

In this case the embroidery is limited to reproducing an existing logo. The only characteristics that can vary are the size (implicit in the type of stitches) and some colors, always when changes are needed to contrast with the background color. The logo designer or entrepreneur is the one who decides all the other features of the embroidery and positioning.

Those who choose to embroider a logo instead of stamping it do so because of the professional finish of an embroidered logo, because of its colors that keep the intensity for longer and because the embroideries do not undergo modifications after repeated washing.

 embroidery logo template

Here we finish our short list of embroidery types. The embroidery process still has many secrets, but we must keep the essentials: that we must let our personality and creativity to decide how we personalize the garments and not only.

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