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Boston Celtics

The caps of the Boston Celtics, the most successful team in the NBA history of the NBA, are on our website....

GOLDEN PERIOD (1957-1969)

Undoubtedly the greatest domain in the history of all American sports. Someone called Bill Russell was chosen in the 1956 Draft by the St. Louis Hawks and transferred to the Celtics exchanged for Ed Macauley (6x All Star) and the rookie Cliff Hagan. That night of the draft, the Celtics got Russell, Heinsohn and K.C. Jones, three future Hall of Fame. One night that changed the history of the NBA.

In the first season of Bill Russell in the Boston Celtics along with Bob Cousy, Sharman and Heinsohn, they got the ring against the St. Louis Hawks led by Bob Pettit and the ex-Celtic Macauley. The next year same NBA Finals but different result. An injury from Russell pushed him away from the NBA Finals and they ended up falling. But in the following season (1959/60) the Boston Celtics came back and won 10 rings in the next 11 years, 8 of them consecutively and eliminating the Lakers, and eternal rivals, in 7 of them.

Some Top Hats cap is inspired by this era with its old design.


They were complicated first years after the withdrawal of the historic Bill Russell. Dave Cowens took the reins as a pivot and John Havlicek as the team's star and it wasn't until 1973 that they got results. They achieved the absolute record of victories in regular season (68) but the injuries took away the chances of winning the final of the Eastern Conference against the Knicks. In the next three years they got two more rings for the Boston franchise.


The 80s had the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers as protagonists. The Celtics with Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Kevin McHale got a total of 3 rings against the 4 of the Magic Lakers and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.


The transfer of Danny Ainge to Sacramento and the withdrawal of Dennis Johnson ballasted the team and neither the draft nor the transfers managed to achieve success in the franchise by winning another ring. Larry Bird, Parish and McHale still remained, while Reggie Lewis was consolidating as star of the team but the physical problems first of Bird and McHale and later the withdrawal of Bird. To all this, we must add the glorious era of the Chicago Bulls of Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and Kerr, who got 6 rings in 8 years. There was nothing to do.


The millennium change did not sit well in the Massachusetts franchise. The time of the Boston Celtics having Paul Pierce as leader have only achieved one ring and reach the finals twice. The young Rajon Rondo, and the incorporations of the All Star Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen with Paul Pierce made a very powerful team but for a few years.

Currently, a leader is not getting established in the team and get the pieces together in the best way to overcome the super-teams that have been created in the NBA.

In Top Hats we have a multitude of Boston Celtics caps, New Era and Mitchell & Ness brand caps, with the logo, caps with the name of the team, the city of Boston, even the championship achieved in 1986. You can also get the Mythical sweatshirt from the same Celtics.

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Boston Celtics

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