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For twenty years we have had a main business: hats and caps.

What proves that it has been a successful choice is the fact that all our customers recognize and choose us taking into account every day our distinctive quality, endless research process, impeccable organization and more than 100 MILLION caps we have delivered worldwide until the day of the date.

Being part of MASTER ITALIA Spa, our main business is also a vocation: the hat in any form or modality, sporty and casual, designed for those who seek a touch of authentic originality, in addition to comfort.

Atlantis is our brand.

The numbers speak for themselves: 100 million hats sold all over the world, over a period of twenty years of activity. Undoubtedly, a remarkable achievement. However, what really makes us proud is not this achievement but the trust of thousands and thousands of customers.

More than 3,000,000 items always available in stock with delivery in 24 hours, 200 samples for a total amount of 1,000 SKU, the most extensive possibilities of customization (normal embroidery, 3D embroidery, printed, applications) from only 288 units , availability within 8/10 days.

Those who are looking for a hat to use as an image or to create a fashion collection for their own company find the ideal partner in Master Italia SpA, thanks to the quality of materials and production, design creativity and advice of experts that solve any type of problem.

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