Get the hats of the Buffalo Braves, actually known as Clippers

Buffalo Braves

Only those older people andthose basketball superfans know where the Buffalo Braves come from. In Top Hats we still have a cap model of this franchise that only existed in the city of Buffalo for 8 years.


The Buffalo Braves were founded in 1970 in Buffalo, New York, the same year that the Portland Trail Blazers and Cleveland Cavaliers were founded, teams that have never changed cities or names.


The next step in the franchise was the transfer to San Diego and its name change to the Clippers. The transfer was fleeting again since six years later he moved again, this time to Los Angeles


The last and final transfer was to the city of stars: Los Angeles. A city where they share pavilion with the historic Lakers, at the Staples Center, a pavilion that completely changes its scenery after each game to adapt it to the team that has to play.

Acquire the Buffalo Braves cap, which was the first team of the current Los Angeles Clippers and today, after being always considered the ugly duckling, the poor team, ... of Los Angeles, this year they have a template for Get the first ring of your short story.

Buffalo Braves

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