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Chicago Bulls NBA Hats

Find all the cap models in the Chicago Bulls' NBA Basketball franchise at Top Hats. All the caps of one of the best teams in NBA history. The 3rd franchise with the most championships with the best player of all time is remembered by everyone, that's why at Top Hats we believe that the Chicago Bulls caps have a special, different aura. The caps convey the greatness of the sport and the sacrifice to reach the top as Jordan did with his teammates. Get your cap now!

The Beginnings of the Franchise

The Chicago Bulls franchise was founded in 1966 and already in its first season they managed to qualify for the Playoffs however they only got a division title, they never managed to reach the NBA Finals. In 1979 history could have changed them. The first choice of the draft against the Los Angeles Lakers was played head to head, they lost and ended up losing to Magic Johnson, taking David Greenwood, no point of comparison.

Michael Jordan

In the summer of 1984 with the third choice and after Houston and Portland who chose Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie, they took the best player of all time, Michael Jordan. A rookie who finished the season as the league's third-leading scorer, fourth in steals, Rookie of the Year, and second-best quintet in the league, next to nothing.

In the 1986 Playoffs they were swept by the Boston Celtics 3-0 even though it left a record: 63 points from Jordan in a Playoff game. Larry Bird surrendered to the still very young Michael Jordan saying that God had disguised himself as Michael Jordan that night.

On the night of the 1987 draft, the Jordan and Oakley Bulls got rookies Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant, two key players for the next decade.

In 1989 with Phil Jackson moving from assistant to coach and the acquisitions in the draft of Stacey King and DJ Armstrong they laid the foundations for the winning project that would begin the following season.

The 90's

There were no more excuses. After three consecutive years losing to the Detroit Pistons in the Conference Finals and with the reinforcements of the last season, he had to get results.

In 1990 they won 61 games during the season (franchise record), swept the Pistons in the Conference Finals and lost only one game in the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers of Magic Johnson. Michael Jordan won the MVP of the regular season and the Finals, also earning his fifth consecutive best scorer title in the league.

The following year they won 67 games and eliminated Clyde Drexler's Portland Trail Blazers in the Finals 6 games. He repeated the premises of the previous year. At Top Hats we have caps to remember this important championship.

In 1992 they won again and they got the Three-peat that only the Celtics of the 60s had gotten. They won against the Suns of the MVP Charles Barkley. Jordan won the Finals MVP and set another record, that of scoring in NBA finals with an average of 41. You can find the cap model that was made only to remember the two consecutive years that he got the ring.

Then, after a couple of years of rebuilding where Horace Grant and Scott Williams became free agents and Cartwright and Paxson retired, but they signed Ron Harper alongside Steve Kerr.

In March 1995 Jordan returned from his retirement with 55 points against the New York Knicks in his fifth game after his return. That year they lost in the Playoffs to the Orlando Magic by Horace Grant and Shaquille O'Neal.

The following year they managed to return to the elite. With a quintet from Harper, Jordan, Pippen, Rodman (newly incorporated) and Longley and a bench with Kerr, Kukoc, Wennington, Buechler and Randy Brown they achieved a record of 72-10. Jordan won the MVP of the regular season, the All Star Game and the NBA Finals that they won against the Seattle SuperSonics by Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp 4-2. One of the best teams in history.

In 1997 and 70 victories in the regular season, they returned to repeat ring and this time against the Utah Jazz of John Stockton and Karl Malone. Jordan won his ninth highest scorer title and Rodman his sixth consecutive rebounding.

In the following season the same Finals, same result. Victory over the Utah Jazz with Jordan and Pippen expanding their scoring and rebounding records.

The 1998 Dismantling

With the aging squad Krause decided to quickly rebuild the team by taking off the important players before their final decline. Pippen traded by players who never played, Rodman released, Longley and Kerr traded by draft elections, Jordan's second official retirement and the hiring of Tim Floyd as coach after Phil Jackson's departure led the franchise to disaster. A few Bulls to stay

Chicago Bulls

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