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We`ve selected some of your favorite movies and series of all time and made a tematic section of New Era and Capslab caps related to them. Find the one of your favorite character no matter is from Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Minnie Mouse, Ninja Turtles, Wonder Woman, Batman, ... Harry Potter, Deadpool, Superman or Superwoman.

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Star Wars

Star Wars was made by the American filmmaker George Lucas and  was produced and distributed by Walt Disney. All started with Star Wars - A New Hope in 1977. It was such a resounding success that George Lucas funded and completed the original trilogy with Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars -The Return of the Jedi.

More than 10 years later, in 1999 Star Wars was comes back with another trilogy The ghost threat, The Attack of the Clones and Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith.

At the end of 2012 Disney bought Lucas`s film, the producer of the previous six films, and announced another trilogy. Star Wars - The Awakening of Force, Star Wars - The Last Jedi and Star Wars - The Skywalker Ascent.

So, if you`re a Str Wars fan you have here caps of all Star Wars characters and the entire saga.

Other movies

If yo`re not into Star Wars maybe you`re a fan of Batman, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman or Ninja Turtes. 

A Batman fan must have a cap with the iconic bat on it; for the Harry Potter enthusiasts have different models of backpack to choose from while Wonder Woman and Ninja Turtles have a wide variety of caps to browse through.

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