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They left everything for the surf ... to live on an island!

They left their home for an island with perfect waves to live the eternal summer and find the perpetual smile.

When the winter tightens, it's time to travel to more temperate latitudes. Canary Islands is a perfect destination to escape the cold and go in search of perfect waves.

Fuerteventura is one of its most fortunate islands for surfing. Its climate, its tranquility and its waves captivate every year all peninsular and European surfers, many of which end up succumbing forever to the charms of the wildest "European Hawaii".

From all that constant tide of exiled "goths", we have stopped looking at some characters who, moved by the surf, changed their lives and left everything to live in a magical island. Nine stories that are not only a source of inspiration, but a real and tangible test of how surfing can push us to be happier
And is that none of them lost the smile (or "that special brightness" in the eyes) during the process of making this report ...

With his British studies of Business Management he managed to find an excuse to return to the island and returned to practice in a surf shop. After two years living in the Canary Islands, he returned to England to help his best friend with a flourishing advertising and marketing business. But the tie suit was not for John, who soon realized that this was not his place. It took him 10 months to return in search of sun and waves Fuerteventura, where he opened the Citrusurf Café, a bar and restaurant that has become a meeting point for the surfing community.

Sometimes you have to do something you do not like to know what you want to do.
In January of 2018 John will turn 20 years old living in Fuerteventura where he has formed a family. With his first newborn son, English can not hide his happiness.

I love the island. Nobody cares about the money you have here. If you do not wear Armani, nothing happens, it's not like Marbella. We want to earn money to live well, but with other priorities.Teresa en la tienda 'Top Hats' de Corralejo

Teresa in the 'Top Hats' store in Corralejo

Teresa Serra
Provenance: Sant Iscle de Vallalta (Barcelona)
Occupation: Manager of 'Top Hats Fuerteventura'
Teresa Serra is a young Catalan designer with experience in fashion and textile marketing. It was the year 2013 when his boss at Top Hats, a Spanish company specializing in the customizing of hats, proposed to open a store together in the area of ​​Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona).

I already knew Fuerteventura. I had been on vacation surfing and I had loved it so, I spoke with my boyfriend, and I made my boss a counter-proposal: to open a store in Fuerteventura.

And that's how Teresa and her boyfriend, Jordi, remade their lives in Fuerteventura. Both are in charge of the Top Hats store in Corralejo, from which thousands of personalized hats leave every year, always with a smile. They work shifts, always to be able to surf.

When you go so far from home, it is inevitable, at first, to think about the family. But the work is going well, the relationship also and above the surf is incredible. If something is clear to us, we do not leave here! The bad thing is that we almost never agree on the water (because there is always one of the two in the store) ...

Starter Black Label caps

Starter is a sports brand founded in 1971. It was a pioneer in the fusion of sportswear with popular culture by forging alliances with the main professional leagues of basketball, football, baseball, hockey and universities.
Starter relaunched the legendary Starter Jacket, quickly becoming a staple item of clothing for sports fans, athletes and entertainers to express their pride for the team and the street style. In addition, Starter expanded its NCAA collection to include clothing, hats and outerwear for more than 120 NCAA programs.

Currently Starter is ready to play harder than ever, with a collection of products selected for the player, the fan and the Starter that is in all of us.

gorras starter black label en top hats shop

Lewis Hamilton World Champion

This weekend has been played the grand prize of Formula 1 of Mexico. The British rider Lewis Hamilton has won the race and with this he has won this year's Formula 1 World Championship. Even with two more races remaining, it is no longer possible for other riders to overtake him this year so he will have already been world champion four consecutive times.

lewis hamilton gana el mundial de formula 1 2017 en el gran premio de méxico

The 2017 NFL Fights

Although the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS have some defeat they are certainly of the teams with more victories. The PITTSBURGH STEELERS are an almost perfect machine and no one is fooled, Roethlisberger is still a beast. After the long rebuild, the TENNESSEE TITANS seem to be at their point to break into the NFL in a big way. The KANSAS CITY CHIEFS are among the top four.


Already finishing the last exhaled of this incredible summer 2017 we have compiled the best models that have been made in the stores of Top Hats. An impressive collection fruit of the creativity of our clients and the efficiency of the embroiderers Top Hats. If you are still posing if you personalize your cap after this video, it is more likely to be ... You want it crazy!