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About the use of cookies or cookies on this web site.

A biscuit (or cookie in English) is a small fragment of code sent by the web sites you visit in your browser. Its function is different, for example:

  •          There are cookies in preferences, which are used for example to remember the language chosen to navigate.
  •          There are cookies from processes that memorized some facts to keep in mind the day that access to a private area.
  •          There are cookies for security, to prevent someone to do a fraudulent use of their access credentials.

In these cases the cookies get that web sites are most useful for you.


In this place we also use cookies for analysis, specifically so that Google Analytics gives us data on visits, always anonymously, and we can improve the content we offer.

You can delete cookies at any time.

To view and manage cookies installed on your computer should change the settings for the browser. You will find detailed information in the following links: