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We started in 1996 in Lloret de Mar, as a family business dedicated to caps and embroidery. My initiative arose after a life dedicated to the textile sector. The experience acquired throughout all these years allowed me to fully understand the qualities of the textile: the way to work with it in order to achieve the best results, what quality standards a good cap must meet, what is the process of executing a high-quality embroidery, etc.

Although those were tough years, without them I wouldn`t had all the knowledge that given me the great advantage over many of our competitors – the know-how of the fabrication process of caps and hats.

When opening the first store, my two goals were to be able to select and sell only quality brands and to create my own line of caps and berets. After 24 years of effort and dedication the Top Hats brand counts with 13 stores and 5 collections: trucker caps, snapback caps, berets, caps with embroidered designs and caps with printed designs.

For our 25th anniversary, we are preparing the sixth collection, in collaboration with young artists that we hope you`re going to love.

We`re not only offering our collections, but a wide variety of caps from the best international brands: New Era, Mitchell & Ness, Goorin Bros, Capslab, Von Dutch, Flexfit, Atlantis, Cayler & Sons, Starter, 47 Brand, Dijinn's, Lacoste, Fila, Ellesse and others. Every season we select the best products of each brand to always offer you the latest trends.

Our growth had ups and downs as the textile market is a fierce competitive market were small businesses usually have a hard time in gaining their place. We chose to have a slow but ethical evolution. That is why I believe that the ethical production is one of our strong points, because we make sure that all the people from the supply chain, producers and employees, are always ethically and professionally treated.

Now, more than ever this industry, and we as a part of it, needs to focus more on sustainability and on inclusive economic growth for a better future.

While, for the environment, we are aware of our carbon footprint and we try to minimize it: we have switched from plastic packaging to recycled paper packaging, and we always recommend to our customers to order their products together (whenever possible) to reduce unnecessary packaging and transport pollution.

We have thought about differentiating ourselves from the other cap distribution/production companies through our ethical policies and our own collections, as I mentioned above, and through embroidery.

The versatility of this process and the possibility of customizing your favorite item and giving it originality with a design, text or logo, has become the core of our business.

We carried out all kinds of embroidery projects, adapted to many types of garments; We offer high quality embroidery at reasonable prices for both individuals and companies.

In all these years, we have collaborated with thousands of companies of all sizes, helping them to give visibility to their brands through their embroidered logos on robes, uniforms, shirts, aprons, vests, T-shirts, caps, socks, etc.

We can offer good prices for our embroidery not because of a low quality, but because it is our own service where we can control and adjust prices.

The quality and affordability; originality and emotion; sustainability and ethical production, our team and its dedication are the pillars of our activity.

Being part of the Top Hats community means more than an online purchase, it means joining our values.

Join us in our journey to a sustainable fashion and an inclusive economic growth!

My team and I will be at your disposal for any questions or queries.

Cal us: (+34) 931713825 or e-mail us at

Román Millán Pérez

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