Fashion Franchise in Spain

Top Hats Caps and Embroidery

Top Hats is a company aimed at the retail sale of caps, caps and many other clothing accessories. It also presents a professional embroidery machine that provides the customization that every consumer wants. We have the best brands in the market and now also with our own brand.

The main product is the cap but it is not the only one. Winter hat, hat, towel, flip flops, t-shirts and others accompany our stores.

The company offers embroidery at the store itself or at home if requested by providing any customization that the customer seeks. In each of the Top Hats caps stores there is a professional embroidery machine that allows embroidery on any type of fabric. In this way, the client can add any embroidery he wants (logo, text) to his product, achieving exquisite customization and quality, the result of a lifetime dedicated to textiles.

The deep knowledge of the textile production processes allows to know the product and the client well for excellent results.

History of Top Hats

Top Hats is a Spanish company created in Lloret de Mar in 1996 starting from a single store and, today, has a total of 15 own stores.

It was developed after a lifetime in which the founder and his family dedicated themselves to manufacturing in the textile sector. The experience allowed him to fully know the qualities of the textile and how to treat it to achieve the best results. It has been a tool that has allowed it to enter retail with a great advantage over many of its competitors who are unaware of how their products are made.

The founder studied the textile market, a market with fierce competition but with niches still to be exploited. That was when he found the world of caps. A niche with good brands but in need of distribution companies that group them all in one place: Top Hats stores.

Top Hats is not just a distributor, but its differential factor that makes it the only one is its ability to customize.

The teaching was growing more and more over the years and although it was seriously damaged by the Spanish crisis, it has grown again.

Currently, there are more than 20 years in a market without existing competition in a fully profitable product with a very simple management, which has led it to begin full national expansion through franchises.

Our products

  • Snapback Cap
  • Trucker Cap
  • Baseball Cap
  • Army Cap
  • Kids cap
  • Hat
  • Hat
  • Beret
  • T shirt
  • sweater
  • Sweatshirt
  • Windbreaker
  • Towel
  • To need
  • Backpack
  • Wallet
  • Slipper

Our brands

  • Top hats
  • Goorin Bros
  • Ellesse
  • Djinn's
  • New era
  • Mitchell & Ness
  • Von Dutch
  • Cayler & Sons
  • Atlantis
  • Flexfit
  • Starter
  • Lacoste
  • Ed hardy
  • Santa Cruz
  • Independent
  • Starter
  • 47 Brand
  • Row
  • Supra / King
  • Reell
  • Good for nothing

Why Top Hats

Brand in full national expansion: Products fully known and settled in Spain. Knowing the type of tourism in Spain and with experience, Top Hats is certain that the next tourist is a good consumer of our product. The location in major cities will increase the strength of the brand in addition to the benefits throughout the year, without much dependence on tourism.

Very high quality customized products: The specialization of Top Hats in embroidery and caps allows you to know the best quality / price products on the market to incorporate them into our product range.

Without competition: Today there is no powerful company competing in the niche of caps and embroidery to Top Hats. The biggest competition is those small stores that open next to ours to compete.

Wide range of products: Top Hats has the 20 best brands of caps along with the models of the own brand. In addition to caps, it also has other products such as caps, berets, hats, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, towels, flip flops, backpacks, among others.

Markets left in deposit: Help the franchisee paying only the product sold. If something is not sold, it is returned to the Central, replacing it with another to give it the rotation that our products deserve. The great risk of investments is always stocks with which with Top Hats this problem does not exist.

Simplicity of management: Only the store should be organized following the manuals written by the Central. They show how to work so that a Top Hats store works like the rest to guarantee the success options of the point of sale.

Constant promotional action to give more visibility to the brand: Management of social networks, emailing campaigns, promotions, ... The Central will be responsible for all marketing tasks to give visibility to all stores. In addition, it will also be responsible for preparing all the advertising at the local level that each franchisee requires and requests.

Support and continued assistance from the Central: The Top Hats Central works for the proper functioning of all its stores, both its own and franchised. Always working to get the most out of each point of sale and training staff when the situation requires it. Franchises are treated as if they were their own stores, giving them all the necessary attention and making recurring visits to help the franchisee and analyze the situation of the place and its surroundings.

Department of R&D and Purchases looking for new and better products: Every year new collections are emerging in which Top Hats invests to keep the best, always attentive to the new trends that are marked in the market.

Financial facilities: We do not want the initial investment to be a problem as long as the candidate likes it. We analyze all possible ways to obtain good financing so as not to lose the ideal franchisee.

Continuous training and transmission of Know-how: In the Manuals the know-how of Top Hats will be shown. All personnel and franchisees will be trained in the same way so that you are always up to date with everything new in search of maximum efficiency.

Support of own software of last generation: The own software allows to adapt it always according to the needs to always obtain all the possible information in the continuous search of the maximum efficiency.

Requirements to open your franchise:

Franchisee Profile

Top Hats provides all the necessary resources to carry out the business management, which does not require previous experience in the sector. We are only looking for enterprising people who want to join the project and want to run their own store. In addition, if you get results, we guarantee the possibility of being a franchisee Master of the brand, being able to open all the stores you want within a city, province, region or even country. At all times the areas of influence of franchisees will be respected without opening the brand's own stores.

We want entrepreneurs committed to the business who know how to convey their enthusiasm for the product to the customer. This is the best way to sell, knowing the product and appreciating it as we do.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur we are the company you are looking for.

Economic conditions

The conditions depend on many variables depending on the place chosen (the number of square meters of both the premises and the exposed, showcase, monthly rental price, months of deposit of the premises and the state of the same). Even so, we have estimated standards in which the assembly of a Top Hats store is approaching, distinguishing two types of premises:

50m2 local:

Initial investment- € 54,000 (entrance fee included)
Canon fee- € 10,000
Merchandise- In deposit
Royalty- 0%
Contract duration - 5 years (extendable)
Return on investment - less than 3 years

100m2 local:

Initial investment- € 60,000
Canon fee- € 10,000
Merchandise- In deposit
Royalty- 0%
Contract duration - 5 years (extendable)
Return on investment- 3 years

Within these amounts of initial investment we find a high-quality embroidery machine with a price of € 18,000, along with a cost of adapting the premises of about € 8,000 (variables depending on the location) or the amount of the entrance fee.

In the event that the interested party needs some type of financing, in Top Hats we have all the equipment available to search and get the best financial aid.

Unlike many other brands, in Top Hats the merchandise is left in storage, that is, the products are left to the franchisee and only pays what they sell. It facilitates the rotation of those products that are not sold, returning to the Central in exchange for others. It allows reducing the franchisee's investment and eliminating the risk of buying stock without knowing if it will be sold or not.

Our shops

We started the expansion through our own stores, covering the area of ​​the Costa Brava, a very tourist area of ​​Catalonia with the possibility of opening many Top Hats stores without negatively impacting our own competition and having greater control of each of the stores. For these two reasons Top Hats has positioned itself above all in that area. On the Peninsula, stores are currently located in towns such as Calella, Lloret de Mar, Malgrat de Mar and Ampuriabrava in search of summer tourists.

On the other hand the expansion grew in search of new opportunities towards the islands. Today Top Hats has 3 stores in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca) and one more in the Canary Islands (Corralejo) where you get a great return and where you want to open some more.

We seek to implement the franchises because we know that our product would be very well received throughout Spain but for this we need responsible people in the stores and some control. For this reason the franchise came out in Top Hats. All tools are delivered to the franchisee who is also knowledgeable about the environment and which may be the best areas to implement with our brand. Success with a good franchisee can almost guarantee the success of the store thanks to the work of both parties (Top Hats franchisee).

Tourist areas and big cities are the main places where the presence of Top Hats in a good location would obtain certain benefits. The objective of the brand is to grow through franchises little by little, always looking for the best candidate and provide the best possible location in its area of ​​influence so that it has benefits as soon as possible, which also implies benefits for the entire Top Hats structure.

Contact us:

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