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Top Hats Professional Custom Embroidered Caps since 1996

In Top Hats we embroider for people and companies since 1996 in a professional way. We have thousands of customers who ordered us embroidered caps, shirts, backpacks, towels,... any kind of product and fabric. Embroideries that can be made and sent from one day to the next one, receiving at home in few days (if you wish you can pick it up in the Top Hats store, avoiding the shipping costs and receiving it sooner).

Embroidery of Logos or Images

Either companies and individuals ask to embroider their logo on caps, or uniform clothes. Discounts apply for large purchases. There are different costs: to make the template(depending on how complicate this is, it can go from 5-60€ but you just pay this once), embroidery(usually it goes from 5 to 30€/unit) and shipping costs.

There are a lot of famous people who customize their products using Top Hats like Karlos Arguiñano, Ricky Rubio and Macaco, among others.

How to use the Top Hats Embroidery editor?

Embroidering your very best from Top Hats is very simple. You just have to follow these steps:

1 - Choose your model from the embroidery section (pressing the button that appears after the "Payment Method" section)

2 - Write the name or word you want to see (if you want to make a logo, send it to for a budget of your logo)

3 - You can even write a second line of text below it.

4 - Choose the font from the options that exist.

5 - Choose the favorite color taking into account that it highlights the contrast of colors.

Payment Method

For the payment of embroidery with the text, letter and cap (or product) of the web you can do the same as buying any other product

For the payment of embroideries with logos, letters or caps that do not appear in the Embroidery section, by Bank Transfer or Paypal (first the payment of the budget received by mail is made and then embroidered)

If you still do not see it clear or want to send us your logo or drawing to budget the template write us directly to:

You can also call us from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday on the next phone number:

93 171 38 25

Here we show some of the caps we have embroidered. If you are looking for a company that customize on you, come to us ... It will be successfull!


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