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Custom Embroidery for Caps

We, in Top Hats, are professionals in embroidery. We customize caps, hats and other accessories such as masks with texts, logos, images or personal designs. We offer you free assistance, economic prices and guaranteed quality. Feel free to create your own design on the customizable products we offer you here. 

Steps to Embroider your Cap or Accessory:

1 - Choose the product you want to personalize with the color combination you like the most.

2 - Decide if you want to embroider the front, side or back of the product (where applicable).

3 - For text-format of the embroidery you have to choose the font and a color to contrast with the color of the fabric.

4 - If you add drawings to your design choose from those available and remember to specify the color for this one too.

5 - Finally, if you don`t get satisfied with any of the drawings or fonts we offer, you can send us your design, text or logo at and we will estimate the costs of the embroidery template needed for your design. For this, send us a quality image with any image format (as straight as possible if it is a photo).

*Personalized items cannot be exchanged or returned. Refunds will only be accepted if the garment is defective or damaged, or if the embroidery is incorrect.



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