MICKEY MOUSE Disney blue/camel Trucker Cap

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This blue and black trucker cap and camel colour visor hat has a patch on the front with the MICKEY MOUSE from the Disney series.

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  • · 50% Polyester - 50% Cotton

    · Trucker Cap

    · Adjustable from behind with pvc closure

    · Curved visor

    · Blue and black color

    · Camel colored visor

    · Front patch with Mickey Mouse

    · Disney cap

    · Capslab brand

    Mickey Mouse Caps

    In Top Hats since its inception we have always had Walt Disney hats with characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and other cartoon characters. Well, we have caps for children and also for adults. The brand par excellence has been New Era but also Capslab has a footprint in the field of Diseney. Lately with these incredible Mickey patches and more characters.

    Who is Mickey Mouse of Walt Disney?

    Mickey Mouse is a fantasy character from the series of the same name. The Walt Disney company is the icon. It was created on November 18, 1928. Because this mouse has a disputed origin. The official legend explains that it was created by Walt Disney during a train trip. Besides they say that his initial name was Mortimer. But others say he changed Mickey at his wife's request. According to Bob Thomas, the legend of the name is fiction. This quotes the case of a character named Mortimer Mouse. This was born in 1936, uncle of Minnie Mouse.The most credible version is that the character was created by the cartoonist Ub Iwerks, at the request of Disney. That was to compensate for the loss of the rights of Oswaldo, who was a lucky rabbit, and was in the hands of Universal. The truth is that Mickey is no more than a variation of the Oswaldo character.A Walt Disney must be attributed to both the voice of the character, as the personality and character of the mouse:

    · The head of the mouse Mickey Mouse was a circle with another circle as a snout.

    · His body was a pear and he had a long tail

    · His legs were tubes and they were put in big shoes to give him the appearance of a child with his father's shoes.

    The Walt Disney Company celebrates the birth of Mickey on November 18, 1928. Following the premiere of Steamboat Willie, the first animated cartoon short film. Third appearance of the mouse Walt Disney lent his voice to the character for sixteen years, from 1928 to 1947. That was when he was replaced by sound technician Jimmy MacDonald. Since 1977 the voice is by Wayne Allwine until 2009 since then he is played by Bret Iwan. Over many years Mickey has appeared in cartoons. Also in the movies, in comic strips, even video games. Being able to become the icon of the Walt Disney company.


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MICKEY MOUSE Disney blue/camel Trucker Cap

MICKEY MOUSE Disney blue/camel Trucker Cap

This blue and black trucker cap and camel colour visor hat has a patch on the front with the MICKEY MOUSE from the Disney series.


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