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We liked the German brand Djinn's from the first moment we saw it. The subtlety and quality of its clothes, shoes and caps dazzles above other more famous brands.

If you want to find your favorite Djinn's cap, have a look at the selection we prepared you ... and enjoy our free shipping in Spain for orders over € 50  and in Europe for orders over € 80.

Djinn's History

DJINN'S is a German brand of shoes and caps founded in 2001, originally from Muelheim and Ruhr. It all started with a handmade edition, never done before in Europe at the time. Since then it has been updated a lot in progress. The label itself represents high-quality manufacturing, with select fabrics, unique color combinations, focused on detail.

The vitality of the world of skateboarding, surfing, street art and musical culture brought into the cap industry is the  unique characteristic of Djinn's. The quality, comprehensive and original designs give Djinn's a good status among the best cap brands in the world.

The ideas on which Djinn's is based are to make special designs, totally unique with products differentiated from other brands of caps.

We, Top Hats, are strongly committed to Djinn's, a brand  which a lot of you can identify with due to its detachment of the traditional standards that have been imposed on the market of caps by other brands.

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