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Dragon Ball Capslab Caps

In Top Hats we have all Capslab Dragon Ball caps. Caps with front patch type trucker with rear grille and baseball type. The manga saga of the most popular cartoonist Akira Toriyama is Dragon Ball called in Spain Dragon Ball....

Capslab Sayan Caps

We sell caps with the characters Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan, Trunks and Goten.

Capslab Villains Cap

On the part of the wicked we have Capszer caps of Freezer, Android 16 (which was always good but we were presented as bad), Android 17, Android 18, Cell, and finally the small Majinn Buu cap.

Capslab Secondary Character Caps

Capslab has also dedicated some models of caps with Dragon Ball Z patches with secondary characters.

Starting from the fact that Piccolo often takes a leading role, we are ashamed to have him put here besides being the god of the earth. This is followed by Bulma, the teacher Muten Roshi called Turtle Goblin, Lord or Mister Satan.

Caps with the Transformations of the Capslab Sayans

Even Capslab has dedicated models of caps from the Dragon Ball collection to the Super Sayans transformations of Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan, Trunks and Goten. So we have normal Goku, in Super Sayan, Goku in Third with long blond hair. Vegeta is in normal condition with the device and costume of the Space Warriors (when Vegeta lands on Earth), in Vegeta Super Sayan and in Majinn Vegeta when he is possessed by the Magician Babidi. Trunks and Goten merge into the Gotenks fighting with Buu even though he doesn't beat him.

Capslab Caps
These other Capslab Dragon Ball caps have the rectangular patch and a combat scene appears. Goku against classic Vegeta. Goku against Cell. Majin Vegeta vs. Buu Gordo. They are Gohan against Buu who absorbed Gotenks. And Vegeta getting beaten up by Majin Buu small.

Dragon Ball Argument

Frieza is a tyrant who conquers planets to sell them later through an organization. In this belong creatures of different races. One of them is that of the Saiyans. They are beings with human appearance and possesses considerable force. Fearing that they pose a threat to his dominion, Frieza decides to use his powers to annihilate the planet Vegeta, only a few Saiyans survive the massacre. These are Vegeta, Nappa and the brothers Raditz and Kakarotto (Son Goku), whom he prefers to leave alive to continue serving the cause. To make sure they still have loyalty, they lie to them by telling them that the destruction of their planet was due to the impact of a meteorite. Goku, who is still a baby, is sent in a spaceship to Earth. That is so that when he grows up he will exterminate humanity and take over the planet.

Son Goku's ship arrives at its destination and hits somewhere. Then comes an old man named Son Gohan. Discover Goku inside the space vehicle. Although he does not know its origin, Gohan adopts him as a grandson. Soon after, carelessly the baby falls from a cliff and hits his head. It causes him an amnesia that makes him forget his Saiyan origin.Gohan takes care of the child until his death. Shortly after he meets Bulma. A young girl looking for Dragon Balls. There are seven magical spheres that bring them together to call the dragon Shenlong, a creature capable of granting any wish to which it manages to gather all the spheres.Goku accompanies Bulma in this search. In the adventure they both meet other characters like Oolong, Yamcha and Puar. Later the villain Pilaf who also wants Dragon Balls to conquer the world. Goku trains with Krillin for Master Muten Roshi to improve his combat skills and participate in a martial arts tournament called Tenkaichi Budōkai. Duende Tortuga is an old martial arts teacher. He teaches several techniques, among which the famous Kame Hame Ha stands out.

As the series progresses, Goku faces other antagonists such as the Red Ribbon army, against Tao Pai Pai and Piccolo Daimaō, and continues his training with other teachers such as Karin and Kamisama, god of the Earth and creator of the Dragon Balls. He later marries Chi-Chi, with whom he has two children: Gohan and Goten, this after the appearance on Earth of the other Saiyan warriors, and the tyrant Frieza, who Goku learns about his past. While protecting humanity, he faces everyone and defeats them. This same ideal leads him to fight other enemies later, among which the android Cell and the creature Majinn Buu stand out, Piccolo and Vegeta help him, with whom he maintained an enmity, or Trunks. He obtains teachings from spiritual beings such as Kaito (Kaio Sama), who instructs him with the techniques Genkidama and Kaio Ken; and Kaio Shin from the East. Later he learns that there are other powerful beings that govern the universe. Like Bills, the god of destruction, as well as other types of Dragon Balls. They have greater power than the originals whose location takes him to travel the outer space along with Trunks, his granddaughter Pan and the robot Giru. This leads them to face a new enemy called Baby and fight perverse dragons. At the end of Dragon Ball GT, because the original Dragon Balls accumulate a high level of inner negative energy, due to constant use on Earth, Goku goes aimlessly along with Shenlong to keep the energy of the spheres balanced. The body fades at the same time as the merging Spheres disappear.

Brief History of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a manga series by Akira Toriyama. Between 1984 and 1995 it was published initially in the magazine Shōnen Jump, by the Japanese publisher Shūeisha.

The story tells the adventures of Goku, a Saiyan warrior. The objective is to protect the Earth from the wicked who want to conquer it and end the human race. While the plot goes by, he meets other characters who help him. The name of the series comes from magical spheres. When they are gathered they invoke a dragon that grants Djinn-type desires or lamp genius. On many occasions they are useful for both Goku and his friends and humanity. Although they are also constantly sought by some malts.

The manga comic had 519 chapters. There were 42 volumes Two years after its release, Toei Animation premiered the anime adaptation that took the first half of the play to the screen. Once that transmission was completed in 1989 on the Fuji Television channel in Japan, Toei premiered a continuation entitled Dragon Ball Z. This introduced the remaining content of the manga, and a third anime produced by the same studio was broadcast in 1996. It was called Dragon Ball GT. This has an unpublished argument in which Toriyama did not participate in. In 2015 Dragon Ball Super began to air on Fuji Television, an anime that continues the events of Dragon Ball Z and has an adaptation to the manga, published as of June same year in Shōnen Jump.The violence and nudity present in some episodes of both anime and manga caused censorship by distributors in different countries.

Sales generated 156,000,000 copies sold in Japan. The rest of the world 230000000. The success led Dragon Ball to be one of Shūeisha's most successful titles, and subsequent anime adaptations also achieved remarkable success. In 1999, one of its chapters achieved a record audience in the US. in the Cartoon Network. It obtained 1.7 million spectators Dragon Ball is considered one of the most influential works of contemporary times. Dragon Ball has served as inspiration for other mangakas like Eiichirō Oda, Masashi Kishimoto, Tite Kubo and Hiro Mashima. The creators of One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail, respectively.

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