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We`ve made a selection of iconic Ellesse caps and hats, then added the most stylish crop-tops, jackets, hoodies, waist-bags, Ellesse backpacks, T-shirts ... and a lot more that we let you discover.

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Brief history of Ellesse

Ellesse was founded in Italy in the 60`s, by Leonardo Servadio who wanted to find the perfect balance between comfort and style. The founder managed to mark a trend by his breakthrough products and flashy color games that gave life to a society tending to neutral colours.

The name of the brand Ellesse is derived from the initials of the founder (L.S.). Its popularity began to grow by the 70s when they were known for producing ski clothes. The brand was also associated with the tennis world.

The Ellesse`s connection with the two sports was also suggested through its logo, an imago type that represents at the same time the two front tips of the skis (on the sides - red color) and a half of a profile image of a tennis ball.

It was the first sportswear brand that featured its logo on the outside of its garments and was one of the most inspired ideas. 

The 80`s models have marked the line of their uniqueness; the brand was predestined to be crowned as one of the reference brands of sports fashion. Sportsmen like Tommy Haas, Muhammad Ali, Alain Prost or actors such as Roger Moore and Brigitte Nielsen are well-known celebrities associated with Ellesse.

Its comfortable and original, but at the same time elegant style, breaks the standard that "sportswear is only for sports".

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Ellesse RAGUSA Cap, adult...

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This Ellesse brand cap has the logo on the embroidered front,...