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Apart from the FILA t-shirts and sweatshirts with their unique and recognizable Italian design, Top Hats also offers the FILA backpacks ... and belts with its sporty style, young spirit and seasonal colors.

Have a look at our FILA collection and enjoy our free shipping in Spain for orders over € 50 and in Europe for orders over € 80.

Facts about FILA

FILA was born in 1911 in a small Italian town near the Alps (Biella), due to the initiative of four brothers; they started combining high quality materials with classic designs and very practical and comfortable products.

But it was not until 1974 that FILA began to grow and sell their clothing and the rest of its range of products to the rest of the world. This expansion was thanks to the collection of sportswear with revolutionary designs, especially in the world of tennis.

The combination of elegance, style and comfort of FILA products with their games of colors where white is always present, having a special role in the important Italian clothing brand.

To this day, FILA continues to represent Italian vibes and sophistication, reaching the streets of the world with its multitude of designs.

Currently they have more than 100 years of success and growth with the same spirit as in the first day.

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