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Formula 1 Racing Hats

The Formula 1 World Championship of the International Automobile Federation is the highest international motor racing competition. Each race is called Grand Prix and the tournament that includes each Grand Prix is ​​called the Formula 1 World Championship. Most of the circuits ...are road courses but there are also street circuits and, previously, road circuits.

Single-seater cars with the latest technology that has allowed to include some of these improvements in commercial automobiles. An example is the disc brake.

In the beginning the Formula 1 involved teams like Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati and over the years some have been replaced by new ones like McLaren, Williams, Red Bull, Renault or Mercedes.

In Formula 1 we have Ferrari, Honda, BMW and Mercedes caps, with the custom caps of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, two emblems of the most famous motor sport in the world. In recent years the English Lewis Hamilton has dominated the Formula 1 with his Mercedes, proclaiming himself champion for 4 of the last 5 years, loosing in 2016 by Nico Rosberg, his teammate.

The Ferrari team is the one that has won the most titles with a total of 16, far from Willams with 9 and McLaren with 8. The Ferrari brand has enjoyed several periods in which it has led the world of the automobile but above all highlight, there's the period 1999-2004 where he managed to win five years consecutively in the hand of the great Michael Schumacher. It is also the oldest team of all remaining active since 1950, unlike for example Mercedes-Benz who participated as a constructor in Formula 1 in 1954 and 1955 and did not appear again until 2010, when it continued to the present.

Mercedes is the most successful team since 2010 with a total of 5 championships won against the Red Bull 4. This great success of Mercedes has been possible thanks especially to Lewis Hamilton, who has led the competition all these last years. Currently Lewis is tied in the second historical position of titles achieved with a total of 5 with the mythical Juan Manuel Fangio, pilot who got all his championships in the 50s. The goal of Hamilton is to equal the 7 titles of Schumacher driving with Ferrari , Benetton-Renault and Williams-Renault.

Spain has never been a powerhouse in Formula 1 and the proof is that it has only the driver Fernando Alonso as World Champion. A single Spanish driver but managed to write down his legacy in the history of automobilism, winning the World Championship in 2005 and 2006 under the Renault team.

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