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Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors, the best team of the decade, faces a new challenge this 2019/2020 season. Get the caps of the champions in 3 of the last 5 years. The snapback and curved caps of one of the best teams in history.


The franchise was created in 1946 in Philadelphia as the Philadelphia Warriors, a member of the Basketball Association of America (BAA). In their first season in the BAA they won the championship. Subsequently, in 1949, the BAA joined the NBA.

Still in Philadelphia, in the 1955/56 season they won their first NBA ring.

In 1959, the Philadelphia Warriors themselves chose the pivot Wilt Chamberlain in the Draft, a player who would change the course of the league, its rules and break all records, such as the scoring on March 2, 1962 scoring 100 points against the New York Knicks .


In 1962 the franchise moved to the San Francisco Bay. They played most of their games at the Cow Palace (border between San Francisco and Daly City) although they sometimes played in big cities like Oakland and San Jose. They managed to reach the NBA Finals in 1964 and 1967 but lost both to the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers respectively.

With the opening in 1966 of the Oakland Coliseum Arena they began to play most of their matches in that pavilion. In 1971 they changed their name to Golden State Warriors and began to play and all their games in Oakland.


Four years were enough for the new Golden State Warriors to get their first championship. They defeated the Washington Bullets 4-0 in the NBA Finals with Rick Barry, Jamaal Wilkes and Phil Smith as their main players. Such was the surprise that by that time other events were scheduled at the Coliseum Arena. So they ended up playing the Playoffs at the Cow Palace in Daly City.

Seasons were running with the team staying middle-table classified after season and, after the bad results of the 2008/2009 season because of a bad template and also with injuries, the Draft arrived and with it the light of success. In the seventh election they chose the base Stephen Curry and with him as leader they started the reconstruction that ended in 2013. In 2009 they chose Curry, in 2011 they drafted Klay Thompson, in 2012 they signed Andrew Bogut and in 2013 they drafted Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green and Festus Ezeli. The reconstruction finished successfully.

After leaving behind the multiple injuries of Curry, in the 2014/2015 season they began his reign. With a 67-15 regular season and after beating the Houston Rockets of James Harden 4-0 and the Cleveland Cavaliers of LeBron James in the NBA Finals 4-2, NBA champions were proclaimed with Andre Iguodala as MVP of the Finals, with a spectacular defense over LeBron James.

In the 2015/16 season they beat the NBA victory record with 73-9, beating the Jordan and Pippen Bulls. They also achieved the negative record of being traced 3-1 in the NBA Finals in the second consecutive final against the Cleveland Cavaliers of LeBron James.

At the end of the season and with the incorporation of the best scorer of the league Kevin Durant already became unbeatable. 67-15 in the regular season and in the Playoffs sweeping Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs. In the NBA Finals they only lost one match, in which Kyrie Irving and LeBron James set a record were the only pair in the history of the NBA Finals to get 40 points each.

In 2018 they revalidated the title with Kevin Durant as MVP of the NBA Finals for the second consecutive year and after sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0.

In 2019, with the incorporation of what was the best NBA center Demarcus Cousins ​​but coming out of an Achilles tendon injury, they started off as favorites another year although this time they did not succeed. A Cousins ​​injury ending the regular season and subsequent injuries from Durant and Thompson ballasted the team that ended up losing in the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors 4-2 with Kawhi Leonard being the MVP of the Finals.

After the defeat, Kevin Durant leaves with Kyrie Irving to Brooklyn, Cousins ​​goes to the Lakers and Thompson's injury until March leaves the Warriors touched for the following season, although there is still hope with the exciting signing of D'Angelo Russell.

Get the caps of the Warriors, one of the best teams in the history of the NBA basketball. Caps with a thousand different designs and caps with the previous Warriors logo, which saw Stephen Curry born as an NBA player.

Golden State Warriors

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