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Independent Trucks Company Caps at Top Hats

The brand that we introduce you to, Independent Truck Company, started in the latest 70`s as we can already see in its name as a manufacturer of skateboard trucks. They never gave up producing trucks, only that once with expanding outside the borders of California, they decided bringing variety to their production line (hoodies, caps, T-shirts, backpacks).

Their logo came out as an initiative of bringing to life on old surf logo based on the graphic of a medieval French cross, but this time with a round design to differentiate itself from the traditional square crosses.

Almost all Independent Truck Company`s production is destined to skating world, being a referent for skaters around the world.

We, in Top Hats, concentrated on their accessories collection and made a selection of their iconic caps, from the classic to the latest ones: Independent snapback and trucker caps.

All of you, skate fans, go find your statement-cap from Independent!

Free shipping in Spain starting with € 50 and in Europe starting with € 80.


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