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The blend of quality, diversity and urban design make from King Apparel brand an infallible choice when ... looking for a high-standard yet styled cap.

In this section we bring you the iconic King Apparel caps: trucker cap, curved baseball cap and snapback hat.

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Facts about King Apparel

King Apparel is an urban fashion brand with its headquarters in London. It was founded in 2003 by a former professional snowboarder named Tim Hoad and his friend, graphic designer Paul Linton. Over the years it has cultivated a worldwide reputation as one of the leading proponents of British fashion.

Independently owned and managed, King Apparel has grown through an unwavering work ethic proving a dynamic and constant evolution.

British and innovative design, cutting and sewing with fabrics of European origin; King Apparel offers attention to detail and works with diligent quality control. As it has a limited production it works without repetitions. Its fashion projects are made in collaboration with main bases and established talents; therefore gets its unicity from the British heritage blended with impeccable manufacturing. 

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