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The franchise was founded in 1970 under the name of Buffalo Braves. He played eight seasons in Buffalo, New York, sharing pavilion with the Buffalo Sabers of the NHL. In 1973 they achieved their first classification for Play-offs thanks to drafting power forward Bob McAdoo, who a year later won the MVP of the NBA Season. They reached the Pay-offs from 1973 to 1976 when, in the middle of the following season, the new owner of the Buffalo Braves, John Y. Brown granted the transfer of McAdoo to the New York Knicks.

Following the failures of the franchise and its low ticket sales, the owners of the NBA franchises voted in favor of their transfer. The Buffalo Braves moved to San Diego, California, becoming the San Diego Clippers.


The period in San Diego for Clippers was even less satisfactory. In the six years the injuries of its key players like Randy Smith and Bill Walton prevented even reaching the Play-offs. The franchise had to move to Los Angeles after its numerous failures and low public attendance at the pavilion.


They spent eight years in Los Angeles until their first appearance in play-offs. It was in 1992 with Manning, Harper and Smith who led the NBA franchise to the postseason, although falling in the first round against the Utah Jazz of Stockton and Malone. In 1993 they fell again in the first round.

The seasons were passing and in none they managed to reach 50% of victories until the 2005/06 season. A template of the "poor brother" of Los Angeles (that's what the Clippers are called to belittle them) with Elton Brand, Maggette and Livingston, with subsequent acquisitions by Sam Cassell and in the draft to Russian Yaroslav Korolev. This season they fell in the second round against the Suns of Marion, Nash and Stoudemire.


In 2011 a change of cycle came with the signing of Chris Paul as a free agent. Joining the second best NBA base with young Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan prompted the team to play their best seasons ever. From 2011 until now Los Angeles Clippers remain with records above 50% of victories in the regular NBA season. Until 2017 they were reaching play-offs (although reaching a maximum of the second round).

Over the years and the Griffin marches to Detroit and Jordan to Dallas and keeping Chris Paul as the leader of the franchise, they have kept pace with victories until the great change of the summer of 2019.

The 2019 transfer market was very helpful for Los Angeles Clippers. Despite having to transfer his franchise player Chris Paul (although with constant injury problems) they got Paul George, one of the best escorts in the league, and Kawhi Leonard, the last MVP of the NBA Finals of basketball of the last year. With these additions they have managed to win a winning team, to get to be first in the regular season and get the first NBA ring for their franchise.


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LA Clippers

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