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The bliss point Lacoste discovered between comfort and elegance determined us to dedicate them a section of caps: Lacoste snapback caps, Lacoste trucker caps and Lacoste baseball caps. The selection of iconic Lacoste caps we`ve made offer you the simplicity and elegance that goes well with any outfit. ... We also offer free shipping in Spain for orders over € 50 and in Europe for orders over € 80. Go find your favorite Lacoste cap!

Brief history of Lacoste brand

Lacoste is a French brand that barely needs any introduction. It is worldwide known that this brand left far behind the times when they were associated only with their icon polo made of pique fabric. Now in days they extended their production to perfumes, bags, watches, shoes and much more.

It was founded in 1923 by the French René Lacoste, who was a well-known tennis player.  He was one of the four members of the French Davis Cup team; all four of them were popularly known as The Four Musketeers. René Lacoste in particular was nicknamed The Crocodile. The American press was the one to associate his name with the crocodile due to a bet he made with the captain of his team to get a crocodile-skin suitcase if he wins a tennis match. Even though he lost the bet he kept the nickname that seemed to be descriptive for his attitude on the tennis court.

More than that, he associated himself with the image of the alligator by having it embroidered on the lapel of his jacket. Later, when he started his clothing line, he gave his last name to the brand and as a badge he used a green crocodile in a form similar of the one we know today.

From 1943 to 2006, Bernard, the son of the founder, presided over the company promoting the fashion of colorful polo shirts and enriching its collections. Now, Lacoste knows no limits or frontiers in selling their products.

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