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The caps and shirts of one of the best franchises in the history of the NBA. New Era and Mitchell & Ness caps, NBA t-shirts from Magic Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal. The best caps and t-shirts of Los Angeles Lakers with all their models on the Top Hats website. ...


Few people know that the current Los Angeles Lakers began as the Detroit Gems playing the NBL (National Basketball League). It was bought a year later (1947) for $ 15,000 and moved to Minneapolis.


With George Mikan the Lakers were the first NBA dynasty. The 2.08m pivot led the team to win the NBL in 1948, then made the leap to the BAA (Basketball Association of America) league and won it in its first year (1949) until the two leagues merged to become the NBA in 1949. With Hall of Fame players like George Mikan, Vern Mikkelsen, Jim Pollard, Slater Martin and Clyde Lovellette, they became the first NBA dynasty, winning five championships in six years (from 1949 to 1954).

In the 1959 draft came Elgin Baylor, the second great star in the history of the Lakers and took the team to the NBA Finals, although this time they lost.

After the retirement of Mikan, the Lakers lost fans in Minneapolis and moved the franchise to Los Angeles.


A competitive team but far from the potential of Boston Celtics and Saint Louis Hawks. Duo Elgin Baylor and Jerry West led Los Angeles Lakers to 6 NBA Finals from 1961 to 1969, all lost against the Boston Celtics of Red Auerbach and Bill Russell. After that season they signed four times MVP Wilt Chamberlain forming one of the best threes in the league.

The 70s lost again in the NBA Finals, this time against the New York Knicks of Willis Reed and Walt Frazier and later in the Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks of Lew Alcindor (future Kareem Abdul Jabbar).

In 1972, the first season without Elgin Baylor and with Goodrich as one of the stars, they got the first ring in Los Angeles.


In 1980 they acquired Earvin "Magic" Johnson and the Boston Celtics from Larry Bird, the rivalry of the two historical franchises being reborn. That season Kareem Abdul-Jabbar achieved his sixth MVP of the season but the protagonist was the rookie Magic Johnson. In the sixth game of the NBA Finals, with Kareem injured, they played against the Sixers of Julius Erving (Doctor J.) and with the base Magic Johnson acting as a pivot they won that match with a stellar match (42 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists), when NBA champions were proclaimed and he took the MVP of the Finals.

In the 80 they managed to win 60 or more games in the season for 6 seasons, appearing 8 times in the Finals and winning 5 of them.

Johnson, James Worthy and Abdul Jabbar along with squires such as Bryn Scott, Michael Cooper, Kurt Rambis, Jamaal Wilkes or AC Green achieved the Los Angeles Lakers dynasty of the 80s.


After the retirement of Jabbar the team was no longer the same. In 1991 they reached the NBA Finals but fell to the Jordan Bulls. At the beginning of the following season Magic Johnson announced that he was a carrier of the HIV virus and proclaimed his withdrawal. Later the journey through the desert of the Lakers began.


In the summer of 1996 Jerry West signed Shaquille O'Neal and transferred Vlade Divac in exchange for rookio Kobe Bryant and subsequently joined Robert Horry. In the first three seasons they fell in the Conference Finals, twice against the Utah Jazz of Stockton and Karl Malone and the third at the hands of the Spurs who swept them 4-0. They had to wait until 2000 to get their first ring and Shaquille O'Neal as MVP of the regular season, the All Star and the NBA Finals. In 2001 and 2002 they achieved the same result, NBA champions for the third consecutive year, achieving three-peat with the three MVPs of the Finals for Shaq. In 2004 they signed Gary Payton and Karl Malone to win the ring again but Malone's injury, the accusation of sexual abuse of Kobe Bryant and the friction between Kobe and Shaq dynamited the season in the Playoffs, being eliminated 4-1 in the NBA Finals probably due to accumulated wear.


After a few years of reconstruction in 2007, they incorporated the Catalan pivot Pau Gasol who along with Kobe Bryant were a lethal duo, being first in the Western Conference. Kobe won the regular season MVP. That year they reached the NBA Finals although they lost again against the Boston Celtics although the following year they defeated Howard Orlando Magic in the Finals and the following year they took a rematch against the Boston Celtics with Kobe as MVP for the second year consecutive. In 2011 Phil Jackson announced his retirement and the team fell swept into the Conference Semifinals by the Dallas Mavericks.


After the retirement of Phil Jackson, the team tried to incorporate Chris Paul but an institutional crisis of the then New Orleans Hornets vetoed his transfer to the Lakers. In their place came veteran Steve Nash and the best center in the Dwight Howard league. Two players who did not quite fit into the team led by Kobe and led by Mike d'Antoni and ended up failing. Later, in 2013, the rupture of the Achilles tendon of Kobe Bryant disabled him for the whole year and marked his decline in the league.

In April 2016, Kobe retired with 60 points and a victory against the Utah Jazz, after 20 years wearing the gold and purple shirt.


In 2018 the best player in the league left the Cleveland Cavaliers to head to Los Angeles Lakers. A young team with him as a mentor and main star to finish the reconstruction of the team, although it was not until the summer of 2019 when the reconstruction was completed. The arrivals of the best 4 in the league (Anthony Davis), and good players such as Cousins, Rondo, Danny Green and Avery Bradley, along with Kuzma and LeBron James have a squad suitable to get the first post-Kobe Bryant ring.

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