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Find the caps of the legendary NBA basketball franchise, the New York Knicks, or New York Knickerbockers, its original name. Blue caps, black caps, gray caps, white caps and other multicolored caps. In addition to hats, you can get the shirt of the best player in the history of the franchise, that of Patrick Ewing.


It is one of the oldest NBA basketball franchises. They were founded together with the Boston Celtics, on June 6, 1946, the only teams that remain in the same city of its foundation. The New York Knicks since that year of its foundation continue to play their games at Madison Square Garden, the so-called basketball Mecca.

They had to spend 5 years until they reached their first NBA Finals (1951) after defeating the Boston Celtics. They started the Finals losing 3-0 against the Rochester Royals, but the Knicks managed to match the NBA Finals at 3 but in the seventh and final game, with 40 seconds left they missed the game.

In the years 51.52 and 53 they reached the NBA Finals of basketball, but in the three years they were eliminated.

In the 60s they failed to form a good team and had to wait for 1970 to win the Eastern Conference again.

THE GLORIOUS ERA (1970-1975)

With Holzman as coach and with youngsters such as Bill Bradley and Walt "Clyde" Frazier with Willis Reed and the subsequent acquisition of Dave DeBusschere, the beginning of a project to be a contender team of the NBA ring.

In a season with a 60-22 record, the best regular season in franchise history, they defeated the Bucks of the then rookie Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Los Angeles Lakers to the Finals in seven games to get their first title of the NBA In homage to the first champion team in their history, they removed the dorsals of the quintet of that first ring for New York: Frazier, Reed, DeBusschere, Bradley and Dick Barnett.

In 1971 they fell at the end of the conference, in 1972 in the NBA Finals against the Lakers but in 1973 they took revenge. In 1972 they fell in five games against Los Angeles Lakers and in 1973 the opposite happened: winners of the NBA Finals in 5 games against the Lakers themselves.

In 1974, after Reed's retirement, the New York team disappeared again from among the champion candidates.

PATRICK EWING (1985-2000)

As a rookie he averaged 20 points and 9 rebounds and won the prize for the best rookie of the year. It was the first stone of an interesting project. Additions such as base Mark Jackson or power forward Charles Oakley allowed them to win the division title after 20 years without getting it.

They were good years and good basketball of the New York Knicks always reaching the Playoffs but once there they fell season after season, always with the same common denominator: Michael Jordan.

They had to wait until 1994, when the best player of all time Michael Jordan retired for the first time to reach again an NBA Finals, although they fell against the Houston Rockets of Olajuwon, who made one of the most remembered caps in history at prevent a triple that condemned the elimination by going 3-2 favorable to the Knicks in the NBA Finals.

In 1999, in the last season of Patrick Ewing in the New York Knicks, they lost this time in the Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers. The end of the second best era in franchise history has arrived.

2000 YEARS

Since the withdrawal of Ewing the Knicks have never again had a team that can compete for the championship. They came to incorporate great players like Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, David Lee, Wilson Chandler, Zach Randolph, Danilo Gallinari, McGrady, Chaunchey Billups, Stoudemire ... and on a next level Carmelo Anthony, who has been a franchise history. They all left without any success for the New York NBA franchise.

In the most recent past Kristaps Porzingis has been the last star to leave the franchise. One of the best interiors in the world that was seriously injured and, after a year and a half in the dry dock, has been transferred in exchange for nothing to make room for large free agents. The result came out in the worst possible way after one of the worst seasons in its history: taking only the third election of the NBA Draft, RJ Barret while the great candy was taken by the New Orleans Pelicans with the selection of Zion Williamson in the first position .

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