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Collection of Designed Caps of Top Hats

In this section you will find the official Top Hats caps collection. It is a series of trucker models made with the Rapper Cotton model. They have rear grilles of varied colors, with the front printed with different drawings.

We can add that behind the 22 models that we showed we made about 200 options to see what was better. We chose what we thought best from a generic commercial point of view. But, since we understand that art is subjective, we can understand that some discards would have enchanted someone.

Surf, Beach and Summer Caps

On the one hand we have the summer models with reference to surfing such as BEATLE SURF (Volkswaggen Beattle car with surfboards on the cow coming back from an intense surfing day), VOLKSWAGGEN VAN SURF (Volkswaggen typical surfer van), MOSAICO DE FURGOS SURF (mosaic created from Volkswaggen side vans), PORSCHE & PALMS (Porsche sports car and palm trees on the beach), BEACH ROCKER (beach with rocks), THE WAVE (the wave), PALM TREES

Skull Caps

We decided to create skull caps because our customers asked us if we did not have any of our caps with skulls. That's where the SKULLS & ROSES models came out, SILVER STAR SKULL, CLASSICAL SKULL VISOR (classic tribal skull in mosaic on the visor), CLASSICAL SKULL FRONTAL (classic tribal skull on the front )

Caps with various textures

The art of textures is something incredible what can be achieved. Infinity of combinations that manage to create something new every time better. In this collection of trucker caps caps could not be missing with textures of all kinds such as ICE CREAM (texture made with ice cream), NIRVANA EMOJIS (texture made with emoticons of the typical face of the music group with leader Kurt Cobain Nirvana), CHERRIES, DEGRADED PINK BLUE, GREEN MOSAIC, RED LEAF (red sheet), DESERT (desert), CLOCKS (clock mosaic)

Other Trucker Models with Printed Designs

Some hats created do not have a related theme so we will place it in this paragraph. These are MEXICAN SKULL GIRL (Mexican girl with the face decorated to the day of the Dead), GOLONDRINAS, GAUDI PARK GUELL (Park Güell by Antoni Gaudi, being from Barcelona we had to create something from the area!)


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