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Ryder Cup Golf Caps

We have New Era caps from the Ryder Cup Golf; the most important golf tournament worldwide where the best of the world participate. All caps are curved type and came ... in different colors and sizes.

Go find the one that suits you the most and enjoy our free shipping in Europe for € 80.

Facts about the Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup or Ryder Cup is a golf tournament that is held every two years and that faces teams from Europe and the United States. It is a championship that was born in 1927 and initially was disputed only between the United States and Great Britain.  Later players from Irland and from many European countries joined the competition. 

In each of the two Ryder Cup teams there are twelve players and the players; after each game the winner gets a point for his team and if there is a tie after the 18 holes each one is split half a point.

In every game of golf, the winner is the one who puts the ball in the hole in the least possible blows. The last edition of the Ryder Cup that was played in Versailles, Paris where the local team won, the next edition should be held in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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