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Staple Pigeon Caps & Clothing

With an unique fussion of urban and casual designs, Staple is one of the iconic brand for the `sneaker culture` and not only. In Top Hats we selected some of the distinctive Staple caps ... and T-hirts to help you find your favorite one.

Go find your Staple Pigeon style now and enjoy our free shipping in Spain from 50€ and in Europe from 80€.

Brief History of the Staple Brand

In 1997 Jeffstaple walked into a New York City boutique wearing a shirt that he printed in his screenprint class at Parsons School of Design. `I had no intention or even wanting to start a brand`, he declared latter. He left that store with an order of 12 shirts.

This is considered to be Staple`s officialy launch. What started as a small line of T-shirts made by Jeffstaple, was soon to be an organically growing brand that began to gain visibility in New York. In the process of building this burgeoning brand, Nike asked Jeffstaple in 2005 to create a special tribute line of shoes that would represent the New York vibe. 

StaplePigeon is now a world renowned brand that reflects the rugged character and endless energy that New Yorkers possess.The Pigeon, also, through the wide range of apparel and collaborative items got to be worldwide known. Inspired by street culture Staple manage to encompasses many different landscapes, including fashion, music, sports, and art.

A two decades old, Staple continues still to be a positive social plague.

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