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With its unique designs that combine north-American retro influences with Japanese graphics, Superdry won its well-deserved place in the hearts of the urban-casual fashion lovers. So, if you are looking for some stylish caps, bags, backpacks, hoodies or T-shirts don't miss our Top Hats selection ... of Superdry clothes and accessories.

Go find your favorites! We have free shipping for over 50€ in Spain and for over 80€ in the rest of Europe.

Facts about Superdry brand

Superdry is a British brand with more than 30 years of experience in the fashion industry.

Was founded by two brothers Ian Hibbs and Julian Dunkerton with the purpose of setting a new fashion trend that mixed the American style with Japanese influences. Initially named Cult Clothing stayed that way until 2004 when they opened their first store under the name Superdry in London. From that moment on the brand`s fame expanded and so did their sales too.

The uniqueness of the brand comes from their stamped designs that frequently use Japanese words. What not so many of un know is that in the majority of the cases the used texts make no sense once translated to Japanese. The brand admitted that they do not intend to transmit a message through their stamped texts, the designs having only decorative purposes.

As we fell in love with their quality and designs, we, in Top Hats made a selection of Superdry clothes and accessories for all seasons of the year: Superdry hoodies, T-shirts, Superdry caps, bags, backpacks, waist bags.

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