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Supra Caps

The dedication of Supra brand for the skate world brought to life their snapback caps collection that we, in Top Hats appreciate it as being high-qualitative and unique. Therefore we made a selection of iconic Supra snapback caps.

For this collection you also get free shipping ... in Spain starting with € 50 and in Europe starting with € 80.

Brief History of Supra

In 2006, in Los Angeles comes to life the SUPRA brand after, what the founders named to be an `underground idea`.  The new brand was dedicated to producing shoes; having the support of some of the most professional skateboarders. One of them is Chad Muska that in 2007 designed the "Skytop" model. Other names involved in the growth of this brand are Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Tom Penny, Stevie Williams, Terry Kennedy and Lizard King. 

SUPRA begun to fuse the lifestyle and the world of skateboarding in a way that no one had tried before. SUPRA launched collaborations with Jay-Z and DJ Steve Aoki; even Lil Wayne got his signature Supra shoes. 

Once Supra Footwear was acquired by KSGB they focused on restoring the brand as a leader in the skate and shoe markets, taking thair inspiration from music, art, skate and fashion. In 2016, SUPRA celebrated its tenth anniversary in Tokyo. Ten years after its creation, SUPRA now has six stores; 3 in Mexico and 3 in Tokyo, Japan.

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