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History of Toronto Raptors

The franchise was born in 1993, when the American professional basketball league, the NBA, expanded borders and allowed Canadian teams to enter. The influence at that time of the movie Jurassic Park motivated the franchise to be called Raptors. In the 1995/96 season his rookie Damon Stoudemire won the Rookie of the Year and, despite winning only 21 games, managed to defeat the Bulls of the second best record in NBA history with only 10 losses. In 1997 they incorporated Tracy McGrady and in the draft of the year following his cousin, Vince Carter with whom he formed an incredible pair. They took the Toronto Raptors to the first Play-offs of their history in the year 2000. In the following season they already changed their pavilion due to the increase in hobby that led the great Vince Carter with his game and his mates, winner of one of the best mates competitions in the history of the basketball NBA (1999).


In the 2003 Draft they got Chris Bosh and faith in the Toronto team increased. Injuries were a major problem at this time. Following them and the failures in the Toronto Raptors NBA franchise in 2005 came the layoffs and the march of the franchise player: Vince Carter, leaving Chris Bosh as leader of a franchise that remained out of NBA Play-offs until 2007. The back to Play-offs was also achieving the division title under the command of Bryan Colangelo who led the project. It served Bosh to participate in the All Star Game. In Play-offs they fell in the first round. The irregularity of Bargnani greatly limited the potential of the workforce. They were reaching the Play-offs although without hope of achieving great achievements. In 2009, they chose Demar DeRozan in the NBA Draft who was gradually playing the role of team leader. A year after his arrival Bosh left free to Miami to form the big three with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, so DeRozan and Rudy Gay had to put the team behind them.


Since Bosh's departure, it took 3 years to see the light again. It was thanks to the incorporation of the young base Kyle Lowry that relieved Calderón to the bench. From that moment, in 2013, the franchise lived the best period in its history. They got the division titles in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018. In this last year the most unexpected change ever seen in an NBA franchise happened. In 2018, leaders of the Eastern Conference were left and, despite this, they fired their coach and transferred their franchise player (Demar DeRozan) and Jakob Poetl for Danny Green and a Kawhi Leonard who only had one year left of the contract and that hardly I was going to renew with the Toronto basketball franchise.


His signing was harshly criticized but soon won the confidence of his fans. On the last day of the transfer market, they also managed to incorporate the pivot star Marc Gasol to join him with Kawhi, Lowry and Pascal Siakam, the revolution of the season. In Play-offs they liquidated the Orlando Magic 4-1 in the first round and in the second they won with a basket on the horn of Kawhi Leonard in the seventh and final match. In the next round, in the Conference Finals and after losing the first two games, they managed to prevail 4-2 against the Milwaukee Bucks of Giannis Antetokounmpo, thus accessing for the first time in their history in the NBA Finals to face the current champions , the Golden State Warriors. The Golden State Warriors injuries marked the future of the Finals. Durant who played less than half of a game of the Finals, when he fell and broke the Achilles heel. Klay Thompson was also injured and missed the 5th game, although he played the 6th and last injured. The Finals finished with 4-2 for the Toronto franchise.


After his departure in the summer of 2019 to Los Angeles Clippers to double with Paul George his future is greatly complicated. With Lowry and Marc Gasol with large contracts and even more veterans and without the figure of Kawhi Leonard they are expected to reach the Play-offs but without hopes of revalidating the title if there is no significant transfer.

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Toronto Raptors

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