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We`ve dedicated a wide section to the Von Duch baseball cap and trucker with rear grille caps with iconic designs, uniques patches, elegant/youthful models, all colors and sizes to make it easier for you to find ...your favorite Von Duch cap.

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Brief History of Von Dutch

Von Dutch is a multinational clothing brand named after Kenny Howard, known as Von Dutch, an American artist and rapper of Kustom Kulture. After Howard's death in 1992, his daughters sold the name of Von Dutch to Michael Cassel and Robert Vaughn.

The clothing brand gained popularity in America and got the attention of celebrities such as Whitney Houston, Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. Later Ashton Kutcher and Eric Church.

The French stylist Christian Audigier also put his shoulder into making the Von Dutch brand famous.

The company kept growing to the version we know today, a worlwide sold and known brand of caps with unique designs and high-quality products.

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