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Cayler & Sons Caps

Born in 2012 in Munich, Germany, the brand Cayler & Sons found its own way up in the industry of caps becoming a real phenomenon in only a few years after its launching.

Their purpose was to combine good quality materials with innovative designs and by this way to grow their own public ... – a public that would be different from the one of USA brands, NFL, NBA or any other sports brand.

The Cayler & Sons caps got their unique design`s origin in the street: hip-hop, skateboarding, graffiti or what we can name in one word sneaker culture. The unique embroidery of each cap and the care for details such as designing the interior of the visor gave them a well deserved place among the premium quality brands.

They declared that their success is due to the fact that they managed to separate the two concepts : snapback caps and sports. 

We, in Top Hats, have made a selection of some of the unique designs of Cayler and Sons snapback caps and curved caps in order to help you find the one that suits you the most.

Enjoy our special discount of 20% on our Cayler and Sons Caps collection!

We offer free shipping in Spain for orders over € 50 and in Europe for orders over € 80.

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