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At Top Hats we sell caps from one of the most popular brands in the United States of sports accessories. Mitchell and Ness has a wide collection of snapback and baseball caps from sports like NBA, NHL ... and others. Even more, we have a selection of unique and authentic high quality jerseys from the same brand.

We offer free shipping in Spain for orders equals or superior to € 50 and in Europe for orders equals or greater than € 80.

More than that, we now have all Mitchell & Ness caps and jerseys on sale with 20% discounts. 

Enjoy shopping with us!

Brief Story

Athough it all started in Philadelphia, in 1904 with Frank Mitchell and Charles Ness, until 1985 the brand had a basic, predictible evolution. Then, the 80`s propelled them in a new direction.

The order that asked them to repair the jerseys of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball teams  and St. Louis Browns marked the point when they started making authentic, historic and vintage sportswear. With this idea Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. was born.

On July 6, 1987, the most important sports newspaper in the United States, Sports Illustrated chronicled the strong growth of the brand and its popularity. One year later it acquired the exclusive rights to make the jersey numbers for the MLB (Major League Baseball) teams.

NBA, NHL and NFL colaborations

Continuing its growth, in 2005 it also acquired the rights of the CLC College Vault; A year later, the exclusive rights to reproduce the Authentic Michael J. Jordan T-shirt of the NBA; In 2007 they began producing caps for the major American sports leagues in the basketball NBA, hockey NHL, baseball MLB, American football NFL.

Today Mitchell & Ness offers authentic vintage Jersey jerseys and clothing collections for the MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA, and MLS.

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