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Looney Tunes Hats from Warner Bros

In Top Hats we have always been unquestionable fans of the crazy Looney Tunes of the Warner Bros. For this we have trucker hats and baseball type of Bugs Bunny, Tazmania Taz devil, Lucas Duck, Coyote, Road Runner, Piolin, Silvestre and others. We are constantly having new models of hats from the series of American drawings Looney Tunes so if you are a fan you see visiting and find the one you want....

Brief History of the Looney Tunes

The Looney Tunes is a cartoon series from Warner Bros. It began its chapters in 1930 with the short film Sinking in the Bathtub. Although it had nothing to do with the current and better known.

The most famous characters of the Warner are also called Looney Toons. The language of the Looney Tunes is English. The expression Looney Tunes is Lunatic Songs. It means a clear allusion to the Silly Symphonies or silly Walt Disney symphonies.

From 1940 to 1969, the Looney Tunes series was the most popular in movie theaters.

Between 1968 and 1969, Warner Bros decided to add color to several black and white shorts for television and film. These can be found in several collections of cartoons on youtube and some blog. In 1990, they began to color all the shorts again. But this time with computers. Even the vast majority of black and white shorts were painted in 1990, 1992 and 1995.

Top 8 of Looney Tunes Favorite Characters

First of all we have the rabbit Bugs Bunny, followed by Pato Lucas, and the bunny Lola Bunny goes third, Coyote and Correcaminos go in pack to fourth place, with which the wild cat goes fifth, the Tazmania devil is sixth, the Gallo Claudio is seventh and we stayed in 8 because Speedy Gonzalez and Porky and the skunk are overtaken by other characters according to blogs that we did not think possible!

So that's all folks!

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